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Guide to Travel Nursing as a Pair

Shelby DeMarco, RN
March 30, 2021
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So, you’ve just created your profile at Trusted and you plan to travel with a friend (or two!). What are your next steps to ensure all of you land that perfect opportunity?

First Thing’s First, Complete Your Profile

First, both of you need to complete all the steps on your profile checklist. Complete the background questions, the work experience, certifications, license, references, and skills checklists. We also recommend uploading your drivers license and certification copies at this step. 

Both of you want to complete this step ASAP so you can meet your Nurse Advocate! At this stage, you’ll want to reach out to our Care Team on the chat feature to let them know you’re a pair. The sooner we can flag this the better! That way you end up with the same Nurse Advocate.

Meet your Nurse Advocate

Once all of those checklist items are done, you’ll get a text from your Nurse Advocate (NA)! The first thing you’ll want to say to them is that you’re traveling with a friend. Give them their first and last names so we can search and get your profiles linked and then supported by the same NA.

Only one of you should text the NA in order to reduce any confusion or miscommunication. We want to be sure you both receive all of the same information, and that it’s clear, concise, and not confusing. To avoid this, let one person take lead on communicating with the NA on behalf of both of you. 

Ready to Request Interviews

Now you’re on to requesting interviews! It’s important to request the same interviews around the same time (same day is totally fine). Be sure to send each other the Trusted Match links when you hit the “Request Interview” button! 

Mark on the “Special Request” section: “Travel pair with …” and include each other's names. Once you request an interview, your NA gets a notification and reviews the job and both of your profiles. 

We’re really just checking to make sure the job is a good fit, you both meet all the minimum requirements, and then double-check there's nothing else we need in order to better advocate your candidacy! It’ll be important to text your NA and let them know you’ve applied, because we’ll want to check to make sure that there are two jobs available. Now, you’re just waiting on that interview call!

two woman taking notes next to each other on a white desk in office building during a travel nursing interview

Bring Home Two Offers 

After you’re submitted for a role, the timing for an interview or offer really can vary. The annoying (but true) answer is that it totally depends: How urgently the facility needs nurses, how many people have already been submitted, and how quickly the hiring manager receives the applications.

No matter what, though, we will absolutely keep you posted on any movement ASAP! The hope is that the facility sees on your submittal package that you’re a pair and working with a friend. However, sometimes only one member of the pair receives a call (this doesn’t always mean it’s hopeless, though!).

When the facility calls you for an interview, you’ll definitely want to mention that you’re a pair. Ask if they plan to interview your friend; let them know it’s two for the price of one 😉). This will give them a little nudge to check out your friend’s application, too.

At this time you can also text your NA to let them know you’ve interviewed. Letting the NA know that your friend didn’t get a call (if, indeed, they never got the call) can also allow us to reach out on your behalf. So now, let’s get that offer in the bag!

Once we’ve gotten to the offer stage, most everyone should be in the loop that you’re a pair and you’re planning to travel together. Now you just need to sign a contract and get the ball rolling on the final details!

I’ll leave you with the story of one of our favorite traveling duos!

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