Introducing the Trusted Care Team: the best support system in travel nursing

Jul 20, 2020
The Trusted Team

Today we’re excited to launch the Trusted Care Team, the most nurse-centric support system in helping you find, prepare for, and work a travel nurse assignment you’ll love.

When it comes to patient care, it’s no secret that dedicated, interdisciplinary care teams provide the most holistic and timely care for patients. When it comes to travel nursing, we believe that the same team-based approach best empowers nurses. 

Now when you use the Trusted platform to take control of your travel job search, you’ll also have access to a dedicated team of experts to help you find a right job faster, onboard with fewer headaches, and have the best travel experience possible. 

Your new Trusted Care Team is composed of onboarding & compliance, travel nursing, and Trusted specialists, who walk alongside your travel nursing journey with you. In addition to your Nurse Advocate, who’ll be your partner in your travel job search, you’ll also have dedicated guidance during onboarding, while you’re working, and all the moments in between. 

Here’s why we’re introducing the Trusted Care Team, and why we believe it’s the most nurse-friendly support system in travel nursing.

A dedicated team in your corner 

Since the start, we’ve upended the traditional recruiter-as-a-middleman model, and paired our travel nurses with fellow clinicians in the form of Nurse Advocates. Unlike recruiters, these Advocates aren’t measured on quotas or commissioned by placements, but rather, are guided by nurse happiness and career success.  

As the world of travel nursing has changed wildly in the face of a global pandemic, we learned from our Trusted nurses that having access to a Nurse Advocate wasn’t enough. 

“COVID-19 has illuminated both existing and new challenges in nursing, which has encouraged us to rethink the way we support our nurses along their journey,” says Sarah Gray, RN, and Trusted’s Founding Clinician. “It’s becoming increasingly apparent and ever more important that nurses are cared and provided for in the same manner that they do for patients, in order to sustain the critical work they’re doing.”

We wanted to design a support system that helps our nurses be successful from the time they begin searching for new opportunities through their last day on an assignment. 

“Similarly to how clinical care teams provide the comprehensive, coordinated, and timely care patients need, the Trusted Care Team ensures our nurses have the same level of dedicated support they need, when they need it,” explains Gray.

👋 Hello, Trusted Care Team!

Now when you use the Trusted platform to find a travel job, you’ll have access to an entire support team, in addition to your Nurse Advocate. 

horizontal image of positions in trusted health care team care coordinator nurse advocate compliance coordinator and clinical success partner

Here’s how you’ll be supported throughout your experience with Trusted:

  • Setting up your Trusted profile: your Care Coordinators will be available to help answer all your questions about the Trusted platform and general aspects and requirements of travel nursing.
  • Finding your perfect job on Trusted: your Nurse Advocate will connect with you to understand your goals and strategize to help you land your perfect assignment.
  • Onboarding to Trusted: once you’ve signed your offer, your Compliance Coordinator will walk you through Trusted’s simple online onboarding process and ensure you’re compliant throughout your assignment.
  • While traveling: your Clinical Success Partner is your dedicated go-to confidant while you’re working your new assignment, and can help troubleshoot things such as pay packages, benefits, and facility issues.
  • Looking for your next Trusted assignment: when you’re ready to look for your next assignment, your Nurse Advocate will step back in to talk through your goals and help you restart the search!
screenshot of iphone text conversation between trusted care team and working nurse trusted health care team communication

What makes the Trusted Care Team better? 

With your Trusted Care Team, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact for each phase of the journey—from job search to onboarding to your assignment—so you’ll always have the guidance you need and know exactly who to reach out to.

Your Trusted Care Team is also super-accessible, easily available by call, text message, or chat on Trusted’s platform. And because our Care Team aren’t recruiters, you have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have proactive communication when you’d expect it, responses when you need them, and nothing else in between. 

Best of all, your Care Team experience will always be led by fellow nurses, who understand your unique challenges, circumstances, and joys. In addition to your Nurse Advocate, your Clinical Success Partner is also a registered nurse (and potentially a former traveler!), so when we say our Care Team gets what you’re going through, we really mean it.

Here are a few key reasons we believe the Trusted Care Team approach is the best support system to finding a travel nursing job:

horizontal image highlighting the benefits of the trusted care team trusted health care team

Answers when you need them 

Nursing isn’t a 9-to-5 job, and that’s even more true for busy nurses looking for new opportunities. Our nurses need support—and fast. Your Trusted Care Team ensures you always have a dedicated person you can go to with questions, to vent, or just to share an update with. You’ll always know who to go to, and how to easily connect with them.

A personalized experience each and every assignment 

While the Trusted platform allows you to discover personalized job matches, the support you receive from your Care Team is also personalized to your unique assignment. Here’s how this works: you’ll work with the same Nurse Advocate for every Trusted job search, but the rest of your Care Team will rotate for each assignment depending on the facility where you’ll be working. 

This means that from onboarding to working your assignment, you’ll have care from specialists close to that facility and its unique processes, minimizing headaches and ensuring you’ve got everything you need to be successful!

Support that doesn’t stop at the job offer

We know that when it comes to managing your nursing career, finding the job is only part of the journey. That’s why your Care Team ensures that you have a partner in each portion of your experience, so that you’re never alone. 

“At Trusted, it’s never been just about placing our nurses in jobs. Now, our entire support model is designed to reflect that, so our nurses feel cared for throughout the entirety of their experience with Trusted,” says Gray.

See how nice traveling is with a Care Team

We’re so excited to introduce this new change today, and can’t wait to hear what you think! 

If you’re interested in experiencing what traveling with a Care Team is like, sign up for a free Trusted profile and begin receiving personalized job matches and support today.