What to Get a Nurse for the Holidays (Gift Guide)

Dec 4, 2020
Jeri Ford, BSN, RN, CPN

Year after year, the nursing profession ranks #1 as the most ethical and trustworthy profession. Along with strong ethics and trustworthiness comes a little self-sacrifice. Okay, a lot of self-sacrifice. It’s no secret that nurses also rank high in always putting others before themselves, arguably this year more than ever. 

So, what do you get someone who always puts others first? When polled on Instagram, nurses asked for more breaks, vacation time, PTO, higher pay, and for COVID-19 to go away. As much as you would probably love to give these things to the nurse in your life, that would be tough.

I've put together an awesome holiday gift guide for the nurse, or nurses, in your life! Or, of course, gifts you could treat yourself to if you are the nurse in your life.

What to Buy a Nurse: The Basic Stuff


I can count on one hand the amount of nurses who don’t want coffee before a shift. It is absolutely a nurse staple. We recommend a coffee gift card of their choice, along with a Yeti tumbler to keep the coffee warm and cut down on disposable cups. You definitely cannot go wrong with both of these gift items. 

coffee mug and chemex pour over sitting on kitchen counter holiday gift ideas for nurses

Work Supplies

Nurses need very specific things to help their shifts go seamlessly and painlessly. A good hand cream (Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream - $10) is essential to help with hand dryness.

Blue light glasses (like these from Quay) are also good for the hours of screen time spent charting. 

And don’t forget, nurses are always crazy about high-quality pens, seriously. Every nurse has their own particular favorite, but these pens from InkJoy tend to be a hot seller. 

Sockwell Compression socks are wonderful for helping relieve sore and swollen feet from a long twelve hour shift. 

Badge reels are such a fun and creative way to personalize a nurse’s uniform and add some flair. Check out Etsy for some ideas of fun badge reels.  


Scrubs are difficult to buy for a nurse, so you may want to stick with a gift card on this. If you aren’t sure about which brand to choose, AllHeart scrubs and Scrubs and Beyond are good places to start. Other nurse favorites are FIGS and Jaanuu


Anything relaxation themed is always a good idea for a tired nurse. Facials, massages, and skin care products are always welcomed. I love products from Natura Culina. They are an all-natural brand and gave away many care packages to nurses during the initial COVID-19 lockdown! 

Face masks and ear plugs for those night-shifters are also a great idea. Check out the Sleep Master Sleep Mask and these silicone ear plugs.

What to Buy a Nurse: The Fun Stuff

Gift Cards

Other fantastic gift card ideas for nurses would be any food place you know your nurse likes. Nurses order takeout pretty frequently (especially these days), so you can’t go wrong with gift cards to local restaurants or Postmates/UberEats. Another surefire win: Amazon gift cards!

De-stressing Essentials

This Aromatherapy diffuser would be amazing to help wind down after a long shift. Bath bombs from Lush are a huge hit — the smell is absolutely amazing. 

Also, this nurse coloring book is such a fun way to de-stress! 

light pink modern aromatherapy diffuser holiday gift ideas for nurses

Code Brown, Trusted’s very own NSFW card game is a great way to destress and bring a little laughter to an otherwise serious year. The game is specifically tailored to nurses with all of their many inside jokes and is represented by "Flo Chillingale" the IDGAF alter-ego of the benevolent Florence Nightingale.

trusted health card game for nurses code brown card came for nurses

What to Buy a Nurse: The Expensive Stuff

Phone Soap

To help keep the home clean, these UV light cleaners from Phone Soap are a little on the pricey side, but so worth it. In thirty seconds the phone is squeaky clean and sanitized from whatever crazy bug was picked up from the hospital.


Another fun gift would be a Birchbox subscription. Once a month, Birchbox delivers hand-picked beauty items right to your door. This would be a gift that keeps giving all year. 

Or, if you want nurse-themed gifts, Nurse Luxe is a subscription service dedicated to nursing essentials. From coffee mugs to compression socks, this is a great place to get a variety of nursing-specific gifts.

If you can’t give a nurse extra vacation, then help free up some of his or her time. A Hello Fresh subscription is gold, especially these days! These pre-prepped meals are delivered right to your door and are super easy to prepare.

Sanity and Relaxation

Talk Space is an amazing resource for anyone feeling the need to talk to someone professionally, and at a fraction of the price. Talk Space offers cheaper appointments than traditional in-person therapy and offers virtual appointments. Nurses can carry around a lot of grief that they do not want to burden family members with, and Talk Space can be that outlet they may need.

Amazon also has some great home massagers. This foot massager is absolutely amazing and well worth the price. If foot massagers aren’t something your nurse would like, this shoulder massager is also a fantastic investment. 


Nurses need good shoes. However, nurses can also be picky about their shoes. Two of our favorite brands are Hoka and Clove. Check out our Trusted Reviews (Hoka & Clove) of these brands to help decide which shoe may be best for your nurse.

woman putting on pink nursing shoe clove nursing shoes holiday gift ideas for nurses

We hope this list has given you a few more ideas about how to spoil the nurse in your life. Happy Holidays and, of course, happy shopping!

Perhaps the Best Gift of All?

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