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Mapping Out the Ideal 2024 Schedule for Travel Nurses & Allied Pros

Amanda Lundberg, RN, BSN
January 4, 2024
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Welcome to 2024! Are you ready to explore new cities, dive into new healthcare environments, and fully embrace your travel nursing or allied health career? At Trusted Health, we're excited to present your essential guide for the year ahead.

This month-by-month guide is packed with practical advice and insider tips to help you craft a fulfilling and balanced work schedule. From setting your goals in January, to reflecting on your achievements in December, we'll be with you every step of the way. Discover how to balance top job opportunities with personal growth, rest, and fun. Let's start this journey in January and master the art of a successful travel healthcare schedule together!

January: Setting the Foundation

January is your blank canvas. Dream big – are you looking to conquer emergency care in New York or pediatrics in sunny Florida? Set goals that inspire you. Research is crucial. It's like being a detective, uncovering the best opportunities and destinations. Also, take this time to connect with other travel nurses. Their experiences can be your roadmap. Now is a great time to get yourself prepared to land a job offer and get to work on your first travel contract of the year! 

February: Securing Lucrative Contracts

February is all about love, and yes, that includes loving your job! Understanding healthcare's seasonal rhythms can help you predict high-demand periods. When negotiating travel contracts, consider factors like location, workload, and perks, like time off! Think of yourself as a free agent in the sports world – you have the talent, now find the right team! 

If you’re working now, you could consider some time off come spring!  After all, spring break isn’t just for students!  Is there a travel destination you’ve had your eyes on?  On the other hand, you could decide to stay on contract longer with a contract extension! 

March: Balancing Work and Downtime

Come March, remember the golden rule: balance. Downtime is as crucial as work time. Ever thought about exploring local cuisines or taking a short road trip during your breaks? Use this month to evaluate how your year is shaping up. Are you meeting your goals? Is there room for improvement? Adjust your plans to stay on track.

April: Embracing Flexibility

April showers bring May flowers, and in travel nursing, they also bring unexpected opportunities. Embrace changes that come your way – maybe a last-minute assignment in a city you've never considered or the opportunity to go on a bucket list trip to another country.  You have the flexibility to decide how much work or time off is the right balance for you!

Also, let's talk taxes – as a travel nurse, you have unique opportunities for deductions. Think of it as a scavenger hunt that pays off. 

May: Personal Development Month

In May, focus on growth. Explore certifications that can elevate your career – perhaps a course in wilderness nursing or a seminar on the latest healthcare technologies. Personal development isn't just about professional skills. It's also about personal enrichment. Maybe it's time to start that blog or pick up a new hobby? Explore side-hustles that may fit in with your routine! 

June: Summer Assignments and Adventures

June is the perfect blend of work and play. Look for assignments in locations you can explore. Love the beach? Consider a hospital in a coastal town, like San Diego!  Enjoy hiking? Look for a placement near the mountains - Denver perhaps? Connect with other clinicians and share tips – they're your tribe, and together, you can conquer the summer in style. 

Circular 2024 calendar infographic for travel nurses and allied health professionals. The months are divided into sections with specific focuses such as 'Setting the Foundation' in January, 'Securing Lucrative Contracts' in February, and includes unique icons representing various activities like goal setting, contract negotiations, and personal care.
Your Year at a Glance: Balancing Career and Well-being

July: Mid-Year Reflection and Reassessment

July is your checkpoint. Halfway through the year, it's time to reflect. Celebrate your successes and learn from the challenges. Perhaps some destinations were more enjoyable than others, or certain facilities provided a better work environment. Use these insights to refine your travel preferences as you start to think about the perfect fall assignment. 

August: Planning Fall Assignments

As the air cools, August heats up with planning for fall. This is the time to secure assignments in dream locations. Think about the upcoming holidays – do you want to work through them and collect holiday pay, or is it more important for you to take time off to be with family? Planning ahead ensures you won't miss out on opportunities or much-needed rest. 

September: Wellness and Self-Care Focus

In September, prioritize your well-being. Being constantly on the move can be taxing. Establish routines that travel with you – meditation, exercise, or journaling. Explore local wellness resources in each new location. A new gym or yoga studio can be a great place to unwind and meet people. Be sure to check out Trusted’s wellness resources that can help support you on the road. 

October: Preparing for Winter Assignments

October is your launching pad for winter. Consider destinations that align with your winter preferences – maybe you love the snow, or perhaps you're chasing the sun. Plan for the holidays – it's a busy time in healthcare, and early planning can help you navigate the nursing holiday rotation schedule

November: Thanksgiving Reflections and Giving Back

November, a time of gratitude, is perfect for reflection. Look back at your year – the places you've been, the lives you've touched. Consider giving back. Volunteering at local charities or participating in community events can enrich your travel experience and provide a sense of belonging.

December: Wrapping Up the Year

As the year concludes, so should your hectic schedule. December is for winding down, celebrating your achievements, and planning for the holidays. Reflect on the past year and set goals for the next. Maybe you're considering a permanent position or aiming for more exotic locations?

Navigating a Year of Growth and Opportunity

While navigating through the year, don't forget to celebrate the small victories and learn from the challenges. The life of a travel healthcare professional is dynamic and ever-changing – it requires resilience, adaptability, and a sense of humor. The experiences you'll accumulate won't just enhance your resume; they'll enrich your life and broaden your perspective. Remember, each assignment is not just a job; it's a chapter in your story, a chance to touch lives, and make a difference.

Embracing the Year Ahead

As you step into 2024, think of the unique connections you’ll make, the new places you'll explore, and the impactful experiences that await you as a travel nurse or allied health professional.  Take a moment to envision your future—this time next year. Imagine the skills you will have refined, the experiences you'll cherish, and the unforgettable moments you'll have created. 

Here's to a year filled with adventure, professional growth, and personal achievement. Embrace 2024 with enthusiasm and a spirit of exploration. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Start exploring your options now and lay the groundwork for an extraordinary year. Let's make 2024 unforgettable together!

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