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How to Get a Travel Healthcare Job

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about taking your incredible skills on the road, exploring new places while making an impact? You're not alone! Travel nursing and travel allied health roles are beckoning more professionals than ever before. 

But in a competitive marketplace, how do you ensure you snag not just any job, but the perfect one tailored just for you? The answer lies in understanding the landscape and arming yourself with strategies to shine. 

From decoding the ever-evolving job market to giving your application that irresistible edge, we've got you covered. So, gear up for a deep dive into making your travel healthcare dreams come true! 

Understanding the Travel Healthcare Job Market

Before diving headfirst into the world of travel healthcare, it’s important to grasp the intricate dynamics of the job market we're entering. The landscape of travel healthcare job availability is in constant flux, and understanding its ebb and flow can give you a strategic advantage. Let’s unpack it!

Know When & Where to Look for Travel Jobs

The demand for travel nurses and allied clinicians is driven by several factors. From seasonal outbreaks, population demographics, to even natural disasters, the needs of healthcare facilities can change rapidly.

For instance, sunbelt states might see an increased demand during the winter months when their populations swell with snowbirds. On the other hand, during flu season or in the aftermath of a natural disaster, there might be a sudden spike in the need for specific specializations.

How Hospitals & Clinics Fill Travel Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare facilities don't take staffing lightly, especially when it comes to travel positions. Here is a breakdown of how facilities determine the need to hire travel positions:

  1. Identifying the Need: The first step involves recognizing a staffing gap or an upcoming surge in patient volume. This could be due to staff on leave, retirements, or anticipated influxes of patients.
  2. Specifying Requirements: Once the need is identified, facilities list out specific requirements. This could range from the years of experience needed, specializations, or even particular certifications.
  3. Collaboration with Agencies: To fill the gap efficiently, many facilities collaborate with agencies like Trusted, specializing in travel healthcare placements. These agencies help bridge the gap between the facilities' needs and the available talent pool.

Navigating Common Job Search Questions

Getting started on the travel healthcare path can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted waters, with lots of questions swirling around. Let's address your questions one by one, so that you're equipped with all the tools and knowledge you need for a smooth journey.

How to Find Travel Healthcare Jobs

The Digital Arena: In today's connected world, various platforms cater specifically to traveling positions. Websites, apps, and forums are goldmines of information on job postings and travel nursing 101. Here at Trusted we offer thousands of jobs nationwide at top-notch hospitals and clinics for travel nurses and allied health pros.  Browse jobs here: 

Networking: Sometimes, it's all about who you know. Engaging with fellow travel nurses, attending conferences like TravCon, or being a part of healthcare associations can lead to unexpected job opportunities.

How to Apply for Travel Nursing & Allied Jobs

  1. Research and Choose Your Desired Location: Before you apply, have a clear idea of where you'd like to work, be it a bustling city or a quiet town.
  2. Find a Reputable Agency: Partnering with the right agency, like Trusted, can make your journey smoother.
  3. Prepare Your Documents: This includes an updated resume, cover letter, certifications, and references. With Trusted, you can handle this all in-app
  4. Submit Application: Use our portal to submit your application with a single tap of a finger! 
  5. Prepare for Interviews: Once accepted, you might have phone or video interviews. Be ready to ace your interview with anecdotes and examples that showcase your expertise. 

How to Get a Travel Nurse & Allied Jobs

Highlight Your Experience: If you've led your team through challenging scenarios or have specific expertise, be sure to mention it!

Be Flexible: Sometimes, being open to varied shifts or floating to other units can make you more attractive to hiring managers.

Utilize Trusted’s App to Guide Your Experience: Trusted’s App makes it easy to travel. From the initial job search to onboarding, timekeeping, and even extensions, you can now manage every step without ever leaving the app. Be sure to check it out! 

Is It Hard to Get a Travel Nurse or Allied Job?

Some believe that securing the position you want can be tough, and while there are challenges, it's more about understanding the market and positioning yourself right. With platforms like Trusted, which simplify the process and perfectly align clinicians with the best opportunities, landing your dream travel job has never been easier!

How Trusted is Changing the Game

Trusted’s platform isn’t just another job board. It’s an intelligent mechanism designed to align your qualifications, preferences, and career goals with the right opportunities, effortlessly.

  • Precision and Personalization: Trusted evaluates your profile details against available job positions. Instead of sifting through countless job listings, you're matched with roles that resonate with your aspirations and skills.
View of Trusted's mobile app screen showing jobs categorized into buckets like highest pay and jobs in compact states.
View your job matches in handy categories to view based on your preferences.
  • Instant Applications: Time is of the essence, especially in healthcare. With Trusted, your matches are presented to you in an organized and transparent format, making it easy to see all job details up front.  And with our Auto-Apply and Auto-Offer features, landing a job is faster and easier than ever before! 
Trusted mobile app showing job alerts and auto-apply setting.
Set job alerts and turn on auto-apply to get your application in immediately! 
  • Transparency: Trusted ensures clarity in job details. From contract specifications, pay packages, to job expectations, everything is transparent, enabling you to make informed decisions.
Trusted mobile app showing full job details as well as full pay transparency.
See full job details and pay breakdown from the start! 

While the travel healthcare job market is dynamic, understanding its nuances and leveraging platforms like Trusted can ensure that you're not just finding a job but discovering the right fit for your career and life. We personalize the process, making your job search efficient, effective, and tailored just for you.

Strategies to Boost Your Job Application

Each one of us steps into this exciting world of travel healthcare with our unique dreams and priorities. Some of us chase adventure, others are keen on those big paychecks, while some just want to stay close to home. Whatever your calling, the trick is not just to land a job, but to snag that perfect position for you. Here's how you can sprinkle a bit of magic on your application and stand out.

Tips to Land the Job You Want

  • Minimize Time Off Requests: I get it, we all need our downtime. Vacations are essential for that recharge. But here’s a pro tip: try scheduling those breaks between assignments. The folks hiring? They love it when they see an applicant available through and through. If it's a toss-up between you and another traveler, and you've penciled in some time off in the midst of a 13-week assignment, chances are the other person might get the nod.
  • Showcase Flexibility: Traveling healthcare roles? They’re all about being adaptable! If you can flaunt your willingness to pull weekend shifts, float across different units, answer those on-call alerts, or spread cheer during holidays, you're golden. Every dash of flexibility you add? That’s another door opening up for you.
  • Complete and Update Your Profile: Think of your profile as your story. The juicier the details, the more compelling the tale. Keep it fresh with all your latest work tales, skills, and what you’re looking for. The more we get to know you, the better we can play matchmaker!
Trusted mobile app showing candidate profile.
Complete your profile and start applying to jobs right at your fingertips! 
  • Be First to Apply: The world of travel healthcare is like a fast-paced thriller. Blink, and you might miss out. If you spot a job that makes your heart race, jump in! And here's where Trusted's Auto-Apply feature comes in. By streamlining the application game based on what you love, Auto-Apply makes sure you're always in the race, right at the front.
  • Show You’re Ready to Go with Auto-Offer: Auto-Offer is a feature available on select jobs, offering unparalleled job application efficiency. It bridges the gap between you and your next role, reducing wait times and enhancing your opportunities. If you're eager to move directly into your next position without the interview wait, look for the Auto-Offer banners on job listings.
  • Partner with the Right Agency: Remember, not all agencies are created equal. Find your perfect fit. Someone who gets your dreams and stands by you - Trusted Health's Nurse Advocate Team. They’re your tribe. Made up of folks who've walked in your shoes, they know the drill and are all about supporting you. Because, let's face it, no one gets the healthcare hustle better than a fellow clinician.
Mobile app showing user chat with Nurse Advocate on the Care Team.
Touch base with your clinician-based Care Team whenever you need them! 

Remember, you're not just an applicant—you're a valuable member of any healthcare team. Ensure your application reflects your worth and passion, and soon enough, you'll be packing your bags for your next exciting assignment!

Getting the Job is Easy with Trusted

Feeling the butterflies as you ponder diving into the world of travel nursing? Well, let’s swap those nervous flutters for some excited ones! With Trusted by your side, getting that dream travel nursing job is as breezy as a beach vacation.

With Trusted's features, whether it’s your first travel nursing job or your tenth, it's not about finding just any job—it's about finding your travel healthcare job. Trusted aligns your skills, desires, and aspirations with the roles that fit just right. And with real-time alerts and job postings tailored to your preferences, Trusted ensures you’re always at the forefront, ready to nab that perfect opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, and start your travel healthcare journey today! Adventure and fulfilling roles await, so grab them today!

Let's start building the life you want.

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How to Get a Travel Healthcare Job