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Auto Apply: Fast-Track Your Travel Job Search

The Trusted Team
August 21, 2023
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The landscape of job hunting in the travel nursing and allied health fields has become increasingly competitive in recent times. In response, Trusted Health has designed a groundbreaking feature – Auto-Apply – to streamline and revolutionize your job search process.

Auto-Apply: A Game-Changer in Your Job Search

At Trusted, we believe that a job search should be stress-free and efficient, allowing our clinicians to focus on what they do best - providing excellent care. That's where our latest innovation, Auto-Apply, steps in.  This feature was designed to put you on the VIP list during the job search process.

Auto-Apply operates based on the Job Alert preferences you set within your profile and your professional credentials. It diligently identifies jobs that align with your qualifications and preferences, automatically submitting applications on your behalf as soon as the perfect job becomes available. It's like having a personal job application concierge that operates around the clock!

Image of Trusted mobile app view showing Auto-Apply feature.

Opt-In & Double Your Chance of a Job Offer

The Auto-Apply feature doesn't just help you secure job offers; it also turns the potentially arduous job search into a streamlined, user-friendly experience. By simply completing your profile and setting your preferences, you can sit back and wait for your ideal job offer to roll in. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best – delivering exceptional patient care and enjoying your assignment – while Trusted Health manages your applications.

Key benefits of opting into Auto-Apply include:

  • Increased chances of receiving job offers: With Auto-Apply, you'll be one of the first applicants for any job that matches your preferences. If you’re the first applicant for a job, you’ve nearly doubled your chances of receiving an offer!
  • Less stress, more success: Auto-Apply removes the anxiety and time consumption associated with job searches, offering a passive yet efficient approach to the application process.
  • Complete Control: Auto-Apply doesn't lock you in. You can withdraw from any applications you're not interested in and opt out of the Auto-Apply feature whenever you choose.

Seize Opportunities with Auto-Apply!

In today's increasingly competitive job market, leveraging a tool like Trusted Health's Auto-Apply feature can make all the difference. Now is the time to relieve yourself of job application stress, embrace the potential of this new feature, and unlock the perfect opportunity.

Don't just find a job - find the job you truly want and deserve with Trusted Health's Auto-Apply. Sign up to travel with Trusted, complete your profile, and opt into Auto-Apply today to redefine your job search experience. Harness the power of Auto-Apply and turn your dream job into a reality!

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