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3:00 pm
January 27, 2021



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What else is out there? Nursing Careers on the Fringes

You keep hearing that you have unlimited career options when it comes to the nursing profession, but what’s actually out there? What (and where) are these elusive careers beyond the bedside?

This three-part series explores just that. Join us for one or for all three events!


There are nurses who have always been trailblazers. They have taken risks in their careers and been extremely successful. They were out on the fringes of health care, assuming roles in organizations that did not even realize they needed a nurse. Now, another generation of smart, bold, and exceedingly talented nurses are blazing new trails into organizations once considered unheard of for nurses.

If you are considering taking a career risk, then actively preparing for such a complex transition is essential. This session will describe how to prepare and share examples of nurses who are working out on the fringes and some key lessons they have learned from their experiences.

All nurses are invited to this event, just make sure you RSVP!

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