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Salary, cost of living, and facility insights
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Compare nurse salaries across the US

Toggle between Staff Nurse and Travel Nurse pay and compare against state and national pay.

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Cost of living

Get detailed insights on what it actually costs to live in the city, including average rent, groceries and more.

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View facilities and insights in a given city

View facilities in any city and save them for later when you're ready to find your next job.

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Explore Nurse Pay

Precise Pay Data

Using Trusted's own proprietary data, combined with official nurse salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we created a more comprehensive view of nurse pay. We've presented this in hourly pay for staff nurses and gross weekly pay for travel nurses to account for the different ways nurses think about pay.

Compare Pay with Cost of Living

Pay is only half of the equation. Our cost of living insights enable you to get a clearer view of how much of your paycheck you're likely to spend on things like rent, groceries, and haircuts.

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Get City Insights

Comprehensive Facility Info

View a complete list of nearby facilities with the latest insights on number of beds, awards & accreditations, and specialties that you can save and refer to later.

Local Climate & Transit Data

Know what you're getting yourself into with local climate trends and a calculated score to tell you how easy it is to travel around the city by bike, walking or mass transit.

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