Interview Requests & Submittals

I found a Match I’m interested in. How do I get an interview?
How and when should I tell you my time-off requests?
Can I request an interview to as many Matches as I want?
What is the ideal number of Matches to submit to?
Why was I rejected?
How do interviews with facilities get scheduled?
What does it mean to withdrawal from a submittal?
What if I’m submitted to a position with another company but want to switch to Trusted?
I'm currently working on a travel assignment. Can I switch to Trusted for the extension?
What does it mean to 'double submit' to a job?
What does it mean when a position goes on hold?
Can I submit to more than one job at the same facility or hospital system?
When should I expect to hear from someone after submitting?
How long after I interview until I know if I got the offer?
I got an offer! How long do I have to make a decision?
How do I prepare for a travel nurse interview?
How do I sign up for benefits?