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The Basics
What is Trusted Health?

Trusted Health helps nurses build the lives they want - whether it’s empowering them to find opportunities through our intelligent job-matching tool, connecting them through the Trusted community, or enabling them through resources like our CEU tracker, salary explorer, and more.

Trusted’s customizable job search allows nurses to create a profile and set specific preferences to match them with curated jobs. It further simplifies everything, from requesting interviews to onboarding and timekeeping. From day 1, Trusted Nurses have access to insurance, wellness benefits, a dedicated Care Team from job search through on-assignment and ongoing support.

What types of opportunities does Trusted offer?

We currently staff for contract opportunities, such as travel or local assignments, for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). Check back often, as we’ve got plans for other opportunities on the horizon!

Does Trusted have opportunities in all 50 states?

Yes! We are adding new opportunities in new locations every day throughout all 50 states.

Does Trusted work with first time travelers?

Trusted’s unparalleled transparency and clinically lead Care Team enables first time travelers to feel informed, empowered, and support while navigating contract nursing for the first time.

How much experience do I need to be a Trusted Nurse?

Our partner healthcare facilities typically require at least one year of recent experience in the specialty that you are interested in pursuing an opportunity for.

New grad RNs or nurses looking to switch specialties are not qualified or well-suited for contracts due to the nature of limited orientation and training. In the meantime, the Trusted New Grad Resource Center and other various tools and resources, such as salary explorer, Credentials management, or CEU tracker are free to all nurses!

Can I travel as a pair or a group? How about with a pet?

The more, the merrier! We frequently work with Trusted Nurses who travel together or as part of a bigger group. And if you’re traveling solo, it’s possible you’ll meet a traveler or two along the way who you might decide to pair up with. While it can be a bit more difficult to find opportunities that are suitable for all involved, especially if specialties and experience vary, it’s entirely doable!

What are Trusted's business hours?

Business hours are Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 6:00pm PST. If you’re a Trusted Nurse or partner healthcare facility and have an emergency or an urgent need outside business hours, please call 415-466-1466 and a member of our team will help ensure you get the assistance you need.

What is a Care Team?

Your Care Team is your support system while with Trusted. Your Care Team works together behind the scenes to make sure your questions are answered, your job search moves forward, and you've got everything you need to make confident decisions. Your Care Team is a group of travel nursing and facility experts who each specialize in a different part of the travel nursing journey. When you've completed your Trusted profile and are ready to begin interviewing, you'll meet your Nurse Advocate, who's an RN just like you, and works with you each and every time you begin a new travel job search.

Along the journey, you'll also be supported by a Care Coordinator (for general Trusted & travel questions), a Compliance Coordinator (for onboarding & ongoing compliance), and a Clinical Success Partner (another RN who will help you while on assignment).

If I take an assignment, who is my employer? The facility or Trusted?

All Trusted Nurses are employees of Trusted. We are here to help coordinate and ensure you’re covered - from connecting to the job, interviewing, and signing a contract to initial and ongoing compliance, benefits, payroll, and support.

What if I am local to an area? Can I apply to a “travel nurse” opening?

The Matches on Trusted are contract opportunities and don’t necessarily require relocation in order to work them. Each facility has different location requirements for eligibility which can be found on the details page of each Match.

How long are the contracts?

While the typical contract opportunity is 13 weeks long, there is a wide range, from 4-20+ week contracts. Keep in mind that there is also typically some flexibility with the healthcare facility on the length of the contract. If your availability differs from what is on a Match but you’re interested in pursuing it, let us know!

What type of orientation will I get?

There are two types of orientation - to the facility where you’ll physically be working and to Trusted, who will be your employer. Orientation to Trusted includes an overview of policies, benefits, timekeeping, expectations, and support.

Facility orientation varies but typically includes a general orientation followed by a couple precepted shifts on your contracted unit. Safety and ensuring Trusted Nurses feel set up for success are always our top priorities.

What if I need help while I'm working?

While working as a Trusted Nurse, you’ll have a dedicated Care Team lead by a Clinical Success Partner - a fellow RN who can give you the support you need, whether it’s clinical, professional, or something else.

Can I take time off between assignments?

One of the perks of working contract opportunities is the flexibility to take time off between assignments, whether it’s a few weeks off to relax, spend time with family, or travel!

Will Trusted find my housing for me?

At this time, we don’t offer housing directly but we do have partnerships with travel-friendly housing companies.

Do you have a referral program?

You can earn $1,000 per referral when using your unique referral link in the welcome email that you get after creating your account. Your referral link is also always on your homepage in your dashboard. Share that link in facebook groups and to your friends!

Things to know:

  1. Your friend that you referred must use your link to sign up with us. They can’t just call in and tell us that you referred them, so make sure they use your unique URL!
  2. Your friend must start a contract with us within 180 days of first clicking on that link.
  3. Your friend must complete 400 hours of work.
The Trusted Profile
What is the benefit of having a Trusted Profile?

An up-to-date Trusted profile gives you access to an expertly formatted resume that you can export on demand. Once you’ve completed your Trusted Profile, you’re able to request interviews for the Matches you’re interested in with just a click of a button. Additionally, inputting your credential information sets you up to receiving notifications when things like your license(s) or certifications need to be renewed.

What do I need in order to set up a Trusted Profile?

In order to have a complete profile, we’ll need your work experience, professional references, licenses & certifications information, and a skills checklist. We’ve worked to make this as simple and seamless to do - and keep updated as things change!

Can I make a Trusted Profile if I’m not ready to travel yet?

It’s never too early to start your profile and begin understanding what opportunities exist and what you may be interested in. Even if you’re not ready or interested in pursuing a new opportunity, a Trusted profile allows you to have an expertly formatted resume that you can export on demand and manage credential and CEU tracking.

What are credential notifications?

Via Trusted’s credentials management, you’re able to manage the details and expiration of everything from licenses, certifications, and health documents to driver’s license, competency assessments, and references. You’ll receive notifications when they’re getting close to expiration so you’ll always be ready to renew and avoid any compliance lapses.

Does the information I upload to my Trusted Profile stay secure and private?

We know a thing or two about HIPAA and treat your privacy just as seriously as you treat your patients’ privacy. We want to make it clear how we use your data. We’re not here to sell or share your personal information to recruiters or salespeople. We’re here to provide information, services, and opportunities to you. We will not disclose any personally identifiable information you provide to us to any third-party, except as follows:

  1. If you give us explicit consent.
  2. We use affiliated and unaffiliated service providers that help us deliver our service and run our business subject to strict confidentiality agreements. These services are for things like customer support, digital analytics, and marketing. These companies are authorized to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us.
  3. If we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants or legal process served on us.

If you have questions or want us to delete your personal data, please contact our Care Team. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

Can I download or export the information from my Trusted Profile?

Your Trusted Profile can be downloaded as an expertly formatted PDF with a click of the button. Additionally, any of the documents you upload to your Credentials page can be download any time.

What are “Matches?"

Matches are the jobs that are shown to you based on your preferences, experience, and availability. On each Match, you’ll see job details such as facility, unit, shift, hours, and requirements in addition to a breakdown of the compensation. Matches are kept up to date in real-time with new ones being added everyday.

How long do Matches usually stay up before the facility fills a job?

It can truly vary from hours to a few weeks. Some facilities fill their positions quickly due to a large number of applicants or it being a critical need. Others can take a bit longer for a variety of reasons.

trusted benefits
What health benefits do you offer?

We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage as a Trusted Nurse, effective on day one of your assignment. You’ll have 30 days from your contract start date to either opt in or out in our benefits portal. Your coverage will be applied retroactively to your start date.

Do you offer a 401(k)?

Yes! Trusted Nurses will be able to contribute to a 401k retirement account, and if eligible, receive Trusted matching. We’ve teamed up with Betterment to enable Trusted Nurses to seamlessly navigate contributing to and managing their financial future, through a 401k and more.

How much does your insurance cost?

The cost of insurance varies based on the level of coverage and whether there are dependents who need coverage as well. Benefit options include medical, voluntary dental, and voluntary vision. There are various health plans to allow nurses to select the coverage that best fits their needs. The cost of these plans is subsidized by Trusted, with the remaining amount deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

How do benefits work if I take a break between assignments?

It’s possible to maintain your benefits depending on the length of the break between your assignments.

Once you create an account and make contributions to the Trusted 401k plan, it will belong to you regardless of employment status. Once you return for another assignment, you can seamlessly resume deferrals.

Do I have professional liability insurance when working with Trusted?

Yes, we carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance for all Trusted Nurses.

What type of health insurance do you offer?

We offer 4 different nationwide coverage medical plans through Aetna (and Kaiser for nurses in Hawaii). We offer 1 comprehensive dental PPO & vision PPO plan via Guardian & VSP nationwide coverage network.

Onboarding to a trusted assignment
Will Trusted help coordinate and order compliance items I'll need for an assignment?

Each facility has specific requirements (certifications, health documents, forms, modules, etc) that need to be completed prior to an assignment. Trusted and your Compliance Coordinator will help facilitate anything you’ll need and will partner with you to ensure you’re compliant to get your assignment started on time.

Does Trusted offer reimbursements for facility requirements?

We are happy to reimburse for things that are directly related to the assignment you will take as a Trusted nurse!

This might include certifications not typically required for your specialty, a specific embroidered facility uniform (does not apply for specific color requirement only), titers, drug screens, or initial state licensure specific for Trusted contract within that state.

We do not reimburse for items that you would typically need to maintain for regular employment as a nurse (i.e. critical care positions require ACLS and a critical care nurse would be required to maintain ACLS certification regardless of assignment).

Do you reimburse for relocation or travel expenses getting to my assignment?

Trusted does not offer relocation, or travel, stipends. They aren’t a one-size fits all so we instead just pay the most upfront via compensation so you’re getting the most possible week over week!

pay & compensation
Does Trusted offer tax-free reimbursements?

If you qualify for tax-free reimbursements by following the guidelines of maintaining a tax-home you could get part of your weekly compensation tax-free. The tax free reimbursements are there to help cover housing and meals and incidentals as you travel away from your home.

What is a tax-home and how do I know if I qualify for tax-free reimbursement?

We’re not tax professionals and recommend you consult one (like our friends at Travel Nurse Tax) as we cannot help determine whether you are eligible for tax-free reimbursements. For more information, see the Trusted Guide to Travel Nurse Taxes.

What is per diem pay?

Per diems are tax-free reimbursements for any housing, meals, and incidental expenses incurred as a result of working away from your tax home. At Trusted, we calculate this amount on a per-shift (not per hour!) basis up to a weekly maximum.

How often do Trusted Nurses get paid?

Trusted Nurses get paid weekly on Fridays as long as time is submitted before payroll is processed each week.

Does Trusted guarantee hours?

Trusted guarantees hours for all contracted hours that Trusted Nurses are willing and available to work, with the exception of first, last, and holiday weeks. However, it’s possible that facilities have a “call-off policy” that may supersede Trusted guaranteed hours. A call off policy enables healthcare facilities to cancel a certain number of your shifts throughout the duration of your assignment without requirement to pay. For example, a common call off policy is 3 or 6 shifts for a 13-week assignment. After the call-off shifts are exhausted and the facility calls you off and you are willing and able to work, you will still get paid for those hours.

Regardless of your facility’s policy, as long as guaranteed hours apply, Trusted Health will still pay you any per diems/tax-free stipends that you would have received had you worked the contracted hours.

Are the rates on Trusted Matches negotiable?

At Trusted, we’ve removed the need to haggle, negotiate, or wonder whether you’re getting paid what you deserve. We believe in transparency and provide a detailed compensation breakdown on every Match page, available to view prior to requesting an interview. We’ve built a platform to remove the middle man, commissions, and inefficiencies so we can pay you the most possible, everytime.

Can a facility end my contract early?

Contract opportunities are at-will employment. This means that a contract can be cancelled or terminated at any time. Although it is rare for this to happen, we understand that this can put nurses in a difficult and unfair position. Typically when contracts are cancelled it is for 'just cause'. This may include a question of a nurse’s professional quality, clinical skills, performance, or a breach of contract. If a contract is cancelled, we thoroughly evaluate the situation to best understand what next steps must be taken. For additional information, check out How to Break a Travel Nurse Contract or Deal with a Cancellation.

mobile app
Who is the mobile app for?

The mobile app is for healthcare professionals and travel nurses seeking new job opportunities as well as ones actively working on an assignment with Trusted.

What can I do on the mobile app?
  • View and apply to flexible job opportunities that fit your life and career goals
  • Favorite your personalized job matches
  • Complete your onboarding checklist
  • Submit timecards and view/manage your timekeeping while on assignment
  • View pay and benefit information
  • Seek answers to common questions in our FAQs
  • View past and current assignment details
  • Make referrals for colleagues to join the Trusted team
  • Quickly get support you need from your Care Team members via Inbox
Where can I download the app?

You can download the Trusted Health app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with the mobile app?

If you are having trouble with the app, please reach out to your Care Team via the Inbox feature on the Trusted website or email at

Employment verification
Why might you need a letter of employment verification?

1. As a nurse, you may be seeking access to your own verification of employment. Accordingly, we are working with Truework to provide this information to you when you need it.

2. You may be a third-party organization (lenders, banks, etc.) asking for verification of employment letters and pay histories when trying to approve a loan/mortgage/student loan forgiveness of a prospective client.

You can access a  verification of employment letter by following this link: Trusted Employment Verification

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