Travel Nurse (RN) - Oncology Unit


Rapid City, SD
4 shifts x 12 hours
Start June 24th · 13 wks
Contract Details
Job Type
Shift Type
Contract Date
06/24/2024 - 09/23/2024
Expected Length
13 weeks
Hours Per Shift
Shifts Per Week
Radius Rules
Candidates must live at least 100 miles away from this facility in order to be considered a traveler when applying for this role.
Travel Pay Breakdown
Weekly Gross WagesStipends
Weekly Gross Wages
Based on48contracted hours in 4 x12-hour shifts
Standard: – –/hr x – – hr
– –
Overtime: – –/hr x – – hr
– –
= – –/hr x – – hr
– –
Housing, Meals & Incidentals in Rapid City,SD
Lodging: – – per day x– –days
– –
M&I: – – per day x– –days
– –
= – – per shift x – – shifts
– –
– –
Base Rate 
– –
– –
Double Time 
– –
Extra Time 
– –
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12 months of role experience is required.
12 months of Oncology Unit experience is preferred.
Experience with Epic is preferred.
Candidates must provide 2 manager/supervisor references from within the past 12 months in order to be considered for this role
Candidates must have a South Dakota license or compact license prior to placement start.
BLS (Required)
ACLS (Required)
ONS (Preferred)
COVID vaccination required for onboarding. Religious and medical declinations accepted.
Proof of Identification
Proof of identification required
Additional Information

Pre-employment modules may be required for this role. Please upload any certifications or health documents you have to your profile to expedite your on-boarding process.

Additional Details:

Guaranteed Hour: 48

Will you accept a first-time traveler? Yes, if greater than 1 year of experience 1st time traveler MUST have EPIC experience

Permanent staff must wait 1 full year to return as a traveler

Patient Types:

PCU/IMC RN needed – this is a mixed acuity unit meaning there will be Intermediate Care acuity as well as Tele and MedSurg – please ensure traveler understands and note this in offer

Oncology patients: surgical, new diagnosis, Oncology complications

Medical overflow

Intermediate level of care with telemetry monitoring

Patients receiving prolonged chemotherapy infusions (multiple days)

TPE patients (based on staffing availability)

Required Education:

Completion of a nursing education program that is approved by a board of nursing; Registered Nurse (RN) - South Dakota Board of Nursing

Skills required:

Comfortability to work with MedSurg assignments – decline if not agreeable

IMC/PCU level experience, cardiac rhythm interpretation, titratable vasoactive drips, proficient in chest ports

Floating: If yes, where?

Any Adult Inpatient Unit - Med Surg, Ortho/Neuro/Surgical, Heart and Vascular Unit, Oncology, Observation

Could be floated within scope of practice and below

Will float in rotation with other travelers


Weekend rotation – Yes, every other

Will they be on call? If so, what is that schedule? No call

Holiday Expectations: Available to work holiday during contract unless prior arrangements agreed upon; 2/4 major holidays

Approval of time off? Able to approve 1.5 weeks off – must extend contract to accommodate a full 13-week contract

No RTO will be considered during the first 3 weeks of August annually (Sturgis Bike Rally)

Scrub Color: Navy blue

Monument Health blackout dates for RTO are 8/1/24 - 8/18/24. Any RTO or special requests not included on your application will NOT be considered.

Monument includes the expected start date they prefer on their job postings. Please keep this in mind when listing your start date availability! If you can start on the day they are requesting, you are more likely to be selected for an interview or offer.

Expect someone with a 501 or 605 area code to reach out to interview you for this position.

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