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Innovations for the Modern Nurse Leader: Team Mental Wellness

Wellness and health tools to activate nurse leadership and their teams

We all know that burnout has been a major issue in the nursing community for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this trend, stretching many healthcare workers to their breaking point. Unfortunately, many of these individuals don’t feel supported at the facility or systemic level. In a recent study from Trusted Health, 95% of nurses said that their mental wellness either wasn’t a priority or wasn’t supported.

We want to change this, which is why we have created an in-depth guide for nursing leaders to help them support their teams with proven tools to help them build resilience, improve their mental wellness, and ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients.

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Courtnay Caufield
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"As a nurse executive you need to use your nursing skills to look for signs in your team that they’ve had too much or that they’re not doing OK. Asking ‘how can I help’ may not be enough, but what might be better is asking ‘how can I help you with what is most important to you right now.’ The tools here help me start that conversation and make an impact.”

- Courtnay Caufield, Chief Nurse Executive

The Handoff Podcast Live: Stop nurse burnout today

Watch the recording of our live event.

Courtnay and Dan recorded a live edition of The Handoff Podcast on October 5th, 2020 discussing specific tactics leaders can implement tomorrow to support their teams mental wellness.

Hosted by: Dr. Dan Weberg, Head of Clinical Innovation at Trusted Health and Dr. Courtnay Caufield, Chief Nurse Executive at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center

The Program

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At Home

Foundations of team mental wellness

All the stuff you need to know to support your teams! Pick your learning style, listen to the podcasts, read a few articles, or watch our webinar. Each provides some basics for leaders to level-up their teams’ overall performance.

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At Work

Tools and tactics to use with your teams

No matter how long you have been leading, digging into the stressors of your team is never easy. We created a few tools you can use in the moment, whether that’s a one-on-one chat, a team meeting, or talking to your own supervisor. Download the tips and tricks to start seeing results.

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For Your Team

Share the love

Share tools with your team to support their journey of building resilience, mental wellness, and achieving high performance. These curated resources can help spark conversation, support action, and change the game for you and your team.

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For Your Team

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Make stress your friend

Stress is typically seen as something negative, but Kelly McGonigal argues to see stress as a positive.

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Trusted Event: Dr. Sharon Tucker

Nurses are often nurturers by nature. But how and when are nurses taking the opportunity to care for their own wellbeing?

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Stress Myths

Read some of the best science provided by the American Psychological Association on the effects and management of stress.

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Uncertainty can affect one’s mental health, especially at work. But, their are ways managers at the office can support an employee’s mental health in the workplace.

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Stupid Gone Viral

Want to become a leader with more purpose? Kathy Scott's L3 Fusion Leadership Model can help you build a better path to success.

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Why Cope When You Can Heal

Read or listen to this book to help yourself — and those you care for in the fight against COVID-19 — begin the process of healing and reconnect with the joys and rewards of life and your career.

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Healthcare workers wellness podcast

Dr. Elizabeth Fildes, discusses how we can take care of the mental, and physical well-being of our healthcare professionals.

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Handoff: Episode 26

Megan Brunson talks about the health disparities she sees firsthand with COVID patients and why she thinks now is a good time for nurses to consider a career in critical care.

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Handoff: Episode 13

Russ Richmond shares that the number one cause of burnout is feeling unappreciated what one can to to aleviate it.

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Join Trusted and dozens of other nurse leaders and pledge to make wellness and mental health a priority for you and your team in 2020 and beyond.

One lucky team will be selected to receive a free practical wellness resource or class from our partners at Ohio State University College of Nursing, who have been studying the effects of health and wellness on the nursing profession for decades.

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