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Compliance Journey - Onboarding Kickoff to First Day Information

Leah Weile
August 9, 2022
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Many of Trusted’s first-time nurses wonder what their compliance journey will look like, starting with the day their contract is signed to the day they receive their first day reporting instructions, and often, who will be supporting them through that journey. The thought of navigating complicated state-specific requirements, facility-specific nuances, obtaining the correct health orders, proper education, and attaining certifications, the process can seem daunting. Luckily, Trusted’s Operations Coordinators are highly trained in navigating our nurses through the compliance process from start to finish! Here, we will take a walk through the compliance journey and give a general overview of the process. 

What is an Operations Coordinator 

Operations Coordinators are experts in all things compliance, problem-solving, thinking on our feet, and pivoting to adapt to many different situations and personalities throughout the day, all while working with our nurses to meet strict compliance deadlines. Operations Coordinators work with Trusted’s nurses and on the compliance aspect of their onboarding to ensure they are starting their assignment on time and properly credentialed. We also work closely with our facility partners on escalations and overcoming any blockers. Once a nurse signs a contract, our Nurse Advocates hand off the nurse to a designated Operations Coordinator to begin their compliance journey!

The first step in any successful onboarding is first introducing ourselves to the nurse and giving the nurse a chance to ask any initial questions. The next step is encouraging our nurses to upload any health documents and start working on their dashboards! Behind the scenes, Operations Coordinators are proactively taking note of any state and facility-specific requirements and potential blockers or unique situations such as travel plans, temporary licenses, and travel pairs. 

Onboarding Kickoff 

The most imperative time during the onboarding process is the first 48 hours when we work with our nurses to kick off the longer onboarding processes.

One of the most time-consuming processes is placing health orders such as drug screens, titers, vaccinations, fit tests, etc. since there can be delays with results and other unexpected situations like negative dilutes and clinics not having appointments available. We also start our background checks and kick off any state-specific requirements such as fingerprinting, education courses and searching state registries. And finally, we kick off facility-specific requirement processes such as initiating pre-employment modules and work with our nurses to remediate missing or expiring certifications to ensure that our nurses can start properly credentialed and on time. 

Mid-Onboarding Lifecycle

Throughout the onboarding lifecycle, Operations Coordinators are working diligently to keep our nurses on track and working with them to complete any modules or health orders, facility forms, and documents and ensure that the onboarding process is running smoothly. Although we hope all nurse onboardings go smoothly, there will often be a bump in the road that kicks Operations Coordinators into problem-solving mode. Health orders or background checks might not result before the compliance deadline, there could be technical issues causing blockers, a facility could change compliance requirements mid-onboarding or onboarding items might be rejected. We as Operations Coordinators are experienced in overcoming these situations and working with our nurses, vendors, and facilities to find solutions for a wide array of blockers to ensure our nurses start as planned. 

The Week Before Start Date   

The last week before a nurse’s start date is when we wait for final clearance from the facility and it can be the most anxiety-inducing time for our nurses as well as for Operations Coordinators. After our nurse's onboarding dashboards have been completed, Operations Coordinators submit their files for facility review and ultimately final clearance. In most cases, we receive final clearance from the facility with no snags, but there are times when we may be hit with last-minute rejected or missing onboarding items that we need to scramble to resolve.

Fortunately, Operations Coordinators have seen it all and are extremely resourceful in remediating these situations and working with facilities to get our nurses started on time.

Once we receive final clearance, the last step in the onboarding journey is receiving reporting instructions for our nurses. Generally, the facility will send out first-day information the Thursday or Friday before start. This can also cause some anxiety for our nurses since we don’t get the information until the end of the week, but it is very much a normal, routine process for travel nursing companies to receive first-day information a few days before start since the facility also needs to get everything in order on their end for the nurse's start date! As soon as we send off the first-day information, we like to say farewell and good luck to our nurses embarking on their new journeys. We then close out their onboarding dashboards which automatically passes our nurses onto our Clinical Success Partner team! 

We are a nurse-first company

At Trusted Health, we are a nurse-first company, and our mission is to help everyone everywhere get care. Operations Coordinators are proponents of this mission and work hard to get our nurses cleared and started on time to drive this mission forward. We can’t wait to work with you!

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