A Day in the Life of a Clinical Success Partner | Trusted Health

Jul 5, 2022
Jenna Pinel, BSN, RN

Ever wonder what exactly a Clinical Success Partner (CSP) is and what they do at Trusted? Read on to hear from Jenna, one of our current team members about a typical day for her.

Kicking off the morning

It’s a Monday morning and I start my day how I always begin it - in my office with a cup of coffee and my corgi, Mocha, at my feet. ☕ I usually dive into updates from my teammates first, as the one thing I’ve learned in this industry is to expect the unexpected and that changes are often afoot. After I get caught up, I’ll check my inbox, which is how Trusted nurses can contact their Clinical Success Partner, to start planning my day. 

When there are urgent issues I make note of them and set up time to chat with the affected nurse as soon as I can. Some examples I’ve seen recently include a family emergency where the nurse needed to discuss canceling a contract. In that case I immediately reached out so she knew I was there to help and I walked her through the next steps. Another instance was a first time traveler having a tough time advocating for herself after being floated to a unit outside of her scope. After hearing the details of her experience I provided advice and encouragement for her next steps while also involving my teammates at Trusted who can reach out to the facility. A third situation is a notification that an ER nurse was injured at work. In that case I reached out to check on him and helped him get in touch with our HR team for additional resources.

Relying on my experience as a nurse

As I look into each of these situations, I’m reminded of my own time as a bedside nurse. My experience for 6+ years as a night shifter on Pediatric Emergency, Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum is extraordinarily helpful when navigating these events and conversations with our Trusted nurses. I remember those long nights when a single cup of coffee (let’s be real - sometimes two or three) was the only thing keeping me sane. And there were plenty of ups and downs during those years. 

I was able to work with many travelers throughout my bedside career and was always in awe of them. Their adaptability, confidence, and vast knowledge was so impressive. I always wanted to make them feel welcomed and appreciated because I knew how difficult traveling must be. When I made the decision to change my career, I had such a hollow feeling thinking about all of the things I loved about being a nurse at the bedside, and what I’d be leaving behind. But when I found this opportunity with Trusted Health, it was a no-brainer. A nurse-first company?! I could help make an impact on staffing and continue working with travelers?! I’ve always loved helping other nurses and was beyond excited to get my journey started, knowing I’d be able to make an impact on travelers through education, emotional support, and advocacy. This is exactly what I spend my days working on now. 

I’m able to make an impact on travelers through education, emotional support, and advocacy in my role as a Clinical Success Partner at Trusted Health.

An afternoon of good vibes and collaboration

It’s now the afternoon and I take some time to send a rockstar evaluation to a nurse and commend her for going above and beyond! 

The best part of my job is when I get to share these good vibes with nurses. Sometimes facilities will offer evaluations towards the end of an assignment or share some positive messages while communicating to Trusted about potential extensions. I get the biggest smile when I’m able to pass that along as I know that nursing can be pretty thankless. We don’t do the things we do for recognition, however I know how much a “we see the hard work you’re doing” can mean. 

After that my afternoon is spent hopping through some meetings. I get to collaborate with many different teams at Trusted, so it’s important I know what’s happening across the board.

As I juggle managing my inbox messages, phone calls, meetings, and follow ups on time-sensitive items, my main focus is always to be a voice and resource for nurses. 

I’m reminded of how important my role is when I get an unexpected message from a Labor & Delivery nurse who needed support after a difficult shift. I’m able to use my past experiences from L&D and Postpartum to reassure her that I understand what she’s talking about when she gives me the details, which puts her at ease. We came up with a game plan to set up a debrief with members at the facility to talk about the situation and identify ways to create improvements. The facility is on board, and this nurse thanks me for helping her campaign for changes. I end the day with a few follow ups about contracts pending signature, upcoming compliance expirations, and answering various questions for our nurses.

Why I believe the Trusted model works for nurses

The Trusted Care team is a team who truly understands the significance and meaning behind nursing-specific issues that come up. As nurses, we know the terminology, the unspoken, and spoken, rules, and understand what’s appropriate and what isn’t. We don’t work on commission, so we aren’t biased and because of this, we get to pass on as much pay, knowledge, and support as possible to our nurses. With so many team members having prior nursing and healthcare experience, we are able to understand key topics that are important to nurses and remain focused on providing the best experience possible for them!

How the Trusted model can be challenging

Some travelers might be surprised at our communication pathways if they’re used to having one recruiter. We have many different roles within the Care Team, but just like at the hospital, we use each other’s strength and expertise to provide the best care possible to each individual. Sometimes leaning on others means we might not have an answer right away, but we want to provide the most transparent, up-to-date, and comprehensive answers possible so we often use a team approach. 

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What’s coming next

We’re hoping to clarify more roles so nurses have a better understanding of why multiple team members might be involved when answering their questions and tackling issues. One new role we’ve recently implemented is Extension Coordinators (ECs). Since there are so many moving parts that come with an extension offer, we’ve created a team dedicated to focusing solely on extensions! This means that our Extension Coordinators will be taking reign on any offers and updates within the extension offer stage to achieve a more personalized experience. CSPs will still be able to lend a hand with extensions but having specific team members focus on this should improve the extension process and we’re excited to see what our nurses think of this change!

When you travel with Trusted you’ll have a dedicated Clinical Success Partner, a fellow nurse like Jenna, to support you through any questions or concerns related to your facility or Trusted employment from day one until successful completion of your assignment. Your Clinical Success Partner can provide proper advocacy and escalation, if necessary, so it’s important to maintain communication about any issues or concerns throughout. Interested in experiencing Trusted yourself? Sign up or log in to get started!