Poppy Scrubs Review (Trusted Nurses Review New Scrubs)

Dec 17, 2020
The Trusted Team

You may have read a few of our past scrubs reviews (Jaanuu, FIGS, Cherokee, and Uniform Advantage), but today, we’re here to share our thoughts on Poppy Scrubs!

We asked some of our most-trusted nurses to try out a fresh set of Poppy Scrubs for us so that we could help you find your next favorite set of scrubs. Below, you’ll find three reviews covering the same facets of fit, each from a real Trusted nurse.

Without further ado…

Poppy Nursing Scrubs Review

Jeri Ford, BSN, RN, CPN

Wilder Top, XL, Ciel Blue / Bodie Bottoms, XL, Ciel Blue

nurse jeri ford wearing poppy scrubs for poppy scrubs review

Scrub Feel

Rating: 5 stars

When I say these scrubs are buttery smooth, I mean it! Immediately after I opened the package, I wanted to try them on. The fabric is cool, not itchy whatsoever, incredibly comfortable, and durable so far. The waistband was also soft and comfortable. 

I gave these scrubs 5 stars for feel because I could not find anything that needed improvement in the comfort category! They are the most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn. 

Scrub Fit

Rating: 5 stars

As a lady with curves, I rarely find a pair of scrubs that fits me perfectly. I can say that these scrubs fit me so well. They hug in all the right places as well as give in all the uncomfortable places. These scrubs hug the booty, hug the chest, hug the thighs a little, but are loose and comfortable in the stomach and arms. 

For my body type, this is the perfect combination. No one wants something tight on your stomach when you are running around on shift all day! For us curvy ladies (or I imagine, any lady), they are very figure flattering. 

These scrubs also have a slightly longer length of sleeve than other brands, which I loved. Other brands hit me at an awkward sleeve length and are sometimes too restrictive. These sleeves were perfect. 

I rated these scrubs 5 stars in the fit category because these are the most flattering scrubs I have ever tried on.

Scrub Wear

Rating: 4 stars

These scrubs definitely won the test of wear for a whole shift. I was sweaty during morning rounds but these scrubs didn’t give me any awkward sweat stains or make me feel too hot. The drawstrings are soft but still kept my pants up! They seemed to function well when walking fast, bending over, standing, sitting, and squatting. 

However, I do wish the top had front pockets. The pants had cargo pockets and normal pockets, but I still love my front pockets on scrubs and kept reaching for them all day out of habit. 

I rated these scrubs 4 stars for wear because other than no front pockets, they were wonderful during shift. 

nurse jeri ford wearing poppy scrubs for poppy scrubs review different angles

Overall Thoughts on Poppy Scrubs

Rating: 5 stars

Although I really prefer those front pockets, I still rated these scrubs 5 stars overall because of how wonderful they are in all other aspects. Curvy ladies make up the majority of women in the United States, yet most scrub reviews are given by ladies with similarly slim body types. I was excited to try out these new scrubs in the hopes of helping other curvy ladies find fashionable, yet flattering, and comfortable scrubs.

I think Poppy scrubs did exactly this! I would, however, recommend they extend their sizing for the future. I wear a size 14/16 depending on the brand, and the size XL was perfect. I truly believe ladies of ALL shapes and sizes would love these scrubs.


Lauren Rodriguez, BSN, RN

Wilder Top, L, Burgundy / Bodie Bottoms, L, Burgundy

Scrub Feel

Rating: 5 stars

Soft yet sturdy material. The waistband is comfortable and supportive... think the kind of support you need for a deep squat to empty a foley and finish a second helping at a holiday potluck.

Scrub Fit

Rating: 3 stars

I have a unique frame for most scrubs, and everyone reading this should know that I’m picky! When I’ve had the option to not wear a specific uniform at work, I’ve tried exploring new scrub brands, but I always wind up resorting to a very specific brand and style that have notoriously worked on my body in the past. 

Unfortunately, Poppy scrubs didn’t beat that tried-and-true set for me in terms of fit. They just feel ever so slightly off in certain spots on my body, hence the three-star rating. Nevertheless, I’m excited to wear them, as they are still so cute!

Scrub Wear

Rating: 5 stars

The material is durable and moves with you. The pockets are highly functional. I have no doubt these scrubs will last a long time, through a lot of long shifts!

I gave these scrubs a 5-star rating for wear.

Overall Thoughts on Poppy Scrubs

Rating: 4.5 stars

My favorite thing about these scrubs is that they’re nurse-made and it shows! You can tell a lot of thought and consideration went into every detail, and the personal touches to delivery are even more telling of the kind of team behind this brand. Every nurse should give Poppy Scrubs a shot!

I give them an overall rating of 4.5 stars. 


Ashley Sayles, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC

Wilder Top, M, Charcoal / Bodie Bottoms, M (regular), Charcoal

nurse ashley sayles wearing poppy scrubs for poppy scrubs review

Scrub Feel

Rating: 5/5

The fabric is VERY soft and comfortable against my skin while completing common tasks. No scratchy tag at all either! The fabric reminds me of comfortable loungewear. I also liked the bright yellow/orange details.

Scrub Fit

Rating: 3/5

The scrubs were a bit boxier than I expected; I am a fan of tapered, slim-fit scrubs, and these scrubs remind me more of hospital-issued scrubs. The fabric is forgiving, which is helpful for me in the hip area, though. 

The inseam is also about 3-4 inches shorter than I am used to, and the wide leg cut made the pants look a bit like highwaters. Also, for context, I am 5’ 10”.

I gave the scrub fit a rating of 3/5.

Scrub Wear

Rating: 4/5

The drawstring was definitely helpful for me, as I found the waist was very wide in general. They are stretchy and have a lot of pockets for storage, however. They also did not wrinkle, and I didn’t even have to iron them, which is a huge plus!

For these reasons, I gave them a 4/5-star rating.

nurse ashley sayles wearing poppy scrubs for poppy scrubs review

Overall Thoughts on Poppy Scrubs

Rating: 4

These scrubs are definitely worth a try, especially for nurses that aren’t as tall as I am (hehe). The wide leg cut of the pants coupled with the short inseam was not very flattering on me, personally. 

I would love to try them out again if Poppy begins to offer tall sizes. The scrubs did not wrinkle at all, and the fabric is lovely! Overall, I would recommend these to a nurse friend to try, if this friend is comfortable with the pant inseam.

My final rating is an overall 4/5.


Concluding Thoughts

While each of our Trusted nurses had some different opinions to share on some aspects of their Poppy Scrubs, the overall consensus was a strong 4 to 5-star rating. The scrubs seem to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes, but may need a little more improvement in the height category. Overall, we find Poppy Scrubs’ Wilder Top and Bodie Bottoms to be Tried & Trusted! 

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