Jaanuu Scrubs Review

Jul 29, 2019
Yaya Zoe, RN

Jaanuu Scrubs: The Runway Scrub

Today we’re taking a look at Jaanuu Scrubs. If you’re looking for something at a slightly lower price point than FIGS Scrubs (check out my review), I think Jaanuu is a great and stylish scrub line to try! 

They were created by two siblings, Dr. Neela and her brother to reinvent what was possible in the medical apparel industry. They wanted their scrub sets to be “unrivaled in functionality, but also aspirational in style.” I believe they nailed it.

They are probably the most “instagrammable” scrubs I’ve come across here at Trusted. The scrubs are made to fit very well and have unique designs and cuts that no other scrub brand currently offers. When I put them on, I feel like I could save a life and then go walk down a Fashion Week catwalk.

(Looking for more on the what, when, and why of scrubs? Check out this primer on all things scrubs!)

female nurse posing in scrubs in her living room jaanuu scrubs review
female nurse posing in scrubs showing scrubs top jaanuu scrubs review
female nurse posing in scrubs side view jaanuu scrubs review
female nurse posing in scrubs side view jaanu scrubs review

The materials are sturdy and comfortable; this means no uncomfortable stretching or pulling during or after a 12-hour shift. Both the scrub top and bottoms that I tried on did fit a little snug, so I would recommend buying one size up or sticking with your true size, depending on your desired fit.

Would definitely recommend if you want to try something a little edgy and different!

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