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Uniform Advantage Nursing Scrubs Review

Sarah Gray, RN
March 8, 2021
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This week we are taking a look at the Butter-Soft Stretch line of scrubs from Uniform Advantage. These scrubs are significantly cheaper than some of the more trendy medical scrubs on the market (i.e. such as FIGS or Jaanuu), so I was determined to look at them from a value perspective. As nurses, we want something that is comfortable and looks good, but we also want something that doesn’t break the bank. 

Uniform Advantage (UA Scrubs) has been around since the 1980s and has always focused on scrubs that are high quality at a favorable price. Originally just a scrub retailer, UA eventually began manufacturing their own lines of professional uniforms and now has several more unique medical uniform brands to cater to nurses’ scrubs preferences.

two nurses leaning against a wall modeling nursing scrubs uniform advantage scrubs

Ok, let’s start off with my initial impressions. The colors are vibrant and pretty, fit pretty true to size (the SP-sizing was a little larger than expected) and the silhouette was far trendier than I was anticipating!

The Scrub's Style and Fit

Uniform Advantage has clearly noticed the trend in nursing that focuses on style and has produced a line of scrubs that reflects that. I like the jogger-style pants with a drawstring at the waist (never understood why some scrub pants don’t have drawstrings). The top is not as slim fitting and stylish as Jaanuu nursing uniforms, but perhaps a little more functional than some other scrubs tops.

As an ER Nurse who is always on the go, I NEED my pockets to stash all my nursing necessities (and snacks!). I refuse to resort to the fanny pack quite yet. Unfortunately, the scrubs are not anti-wrinkle, so you would have to iron them before work (or let's be honest, just wear them a little wrinkled.)

The Scrub's Comfort

I have high standards for comfort. After working night shift for several years, I have a no-makeup, messy bun, and scrubs-that-feel-like-pajamas approach. These UA scrubs are soft to touch, but definitely not as soft as some others that I’ve tried before. They feel a bit stiff initially, but do allow for some stretch — very important for that 2am run to the cafeteria to grab some curly fries before it closes.

nurse modeling top and bottom of nursing scrubs uniform advantage nursing scrubs review

I did some quick squats to make sure I felt comfortable lifting patients (bend at the knees people!!), and my full ROM was intact. Overall, I felt pretty comfortable, but I do wish they were just a little bit softer (especially within the butter soft scrubs line).

Overall Thoughts on Uniform Advantage Scrubs

After fully assessing these scrubs (head-to-toe you might say), it was time to put it together and determine the value. These bad boys are literally HALF the cost of some of the trending brands right now. So even if they aren’t as soft and you might have to iron them, I rank their value as high. I still feel like I look good, I’m comfortable, and they are perfectly functional (gotta have those pockets, people!).

I think that if you really want the trendiest scrubs on the unit (the ones that look good with that $6 latte) or the ones that make you feel like you’re tunneled in silk sheets, then maybe these aren’t for you. If you want good, quality-made uniforms for a good price, then I say these can be… Trusted!

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Sarah Gray, RN

Sarah is a Pediatric Clinical Nurse III at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and a UCSF 2017 Evidence Based Practice Fellow. A New Jersey native, Sarah graduated from Penn Nursing and has been living in San Francisco ever since. She's been an athlete her whole life and continues to be passionate about health, fitness, and making the most of all opportunities. She continues to harness her passion for innovation and process improvement in her role as Founding Clinician at Trusted Health.

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