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Top 10 Trusted Health Nursing Blog Posts of 2020

The Trusted Team
January 21, 2021
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While 2020 is finally over, a lot of the challenges we faced during the year are still very much present. In these past 12 months, nurses everywhere have had to overcome a lot, and we did our best to provide content tailored toward supporting nurses everywhere in achieving their own goals, whether personal or professional. Below are our top nursing blog posts of 2020. Enjoy!

Top 10 Nursing Blog Posts of 2020

1. Remote Nursing Jobs: What Are They and How to Find One

Every day, thousands of nurses across the nation take the long, 20-step commute from their bedroom to their home office. They wake up at the crack of dawn in preparation for their 9:00am shift. They wear pajamas. They do laundry on their lunch breaks. They pick up their kids from school. And they possibly haven’t seen a hospital in years. Wait, what?

We’re all familiar with traditional nursing roles, but over the last several years, a growing opportunity within telehealth/telemedicine has emerged for registered nurses to perform their skills in a new and unexpected environment: their own home.

Learn more about remote nursing jobs here.

home work desk with computer glasses notebook lamp phone and flower remote nursing jobs top nursing blogs of 2020

2. Introducing Salary Explorer: a new way to compare nursing salaries

This past year, we launched one of Trusted’s newest product additions—Salary Explorer—as well as the most comprehensive nurse salary calculator that exists! With this tool, you can see how you stack up compared to other nurses in your area as well as get the info you need to make your next career decision.

Using a combination of Trusted's proprietary data and third-party insights, Explorer enables you to make more informed decisions about where you want to work.

Explore your options here.

3. Introducing CEU Tracker: Manage your nursing CEUs in one place

We also launched a new CEU Tracker enabling you to manage your Continuing Education requirements all in one place. We've done all the research for you so that you don’t have to spend time figuring out how many CEUs you need across various states.

With the CEU Tracker, you can:

  • Set goals to meet CEU requirements in any US state
  • Get notifications when CEU requirements are almost due
  • Get access to Trusted's free CEU course as well as a ton of additional resources

Start using the CEU Tracker here.

4. Updated List of Nurse Licensure Changes by State in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented changes across the country in terms of healthcare licensure and procedures. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are a practicing physician, registered nurse, or other medical professional currently licensed in one state, given the current conditions, you may have the opportunity to practice within another state in need of additional medical personnel.

See a list of each state’s current nursing licensure requirements here.

5. Tried & Trusted: Clove Sneakers Review

What’s the most important part of a nurse's wardrobe? Their shoes. True, scrubs are important too, but scrubs won’t cause your back to hurt or let you to slip in that questionable puddle at your patient’s bedside. Enter Clove, a shoe company that has developed a shoe designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The GoClove team worked with healthcare professionals to develop a shoe that really could “do it all.” 

In the market for new nursing shoes? Check out our review of Clove Sneakers.

clove nursing shoes sneaker on blue purple background top nursing blogs of 2020

6. The Travel Nurse Resume

As we all know, the unique nature of our profession makes it difficult to really structure our experience like a standard job resume. Our experience can be clinical, non-clinical, or even both, and we often supplement our professional career with non-nursing roles. 

Although many states are experiencing a nursing shortage, the most sought after positions are still highly competitive to nail down. So, how can you effectively capture the depth and value of your experience as a nurse for your next job search? We’ve got you covered with tons of helpful tips and an example of a strong travel nurse resume.

Follow our guide to perfect your travel nursing resume.

7. Choosing Between Travel Nursing Agencies

By the time you start thinking seriously about travel nurse agencies, you’ve probably decided to give this “travel nursing” thing a shot. You probably even made a Google search for the "best travel nurse agencies.”

What you find may only leave with you even more questions, such as:

  • What are the best travel nursing companies?
  • What are the highest paying travel nurse agencies?
  • How do you know you’re getting top pay as a travel nurse?

Don’t worry, all travel nurses have been there at one point or another. In order to help you get past this part of the journey, we put together details and advice to help you find the best travel nursing company for you.

Read this to find out how you can determine which agency is best for you.

8. Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurses 2020-2021 

We went through thousands of data points collected from travel nurses all around the country, in order to rank the top three cities for travel nurses within each state. In this list, you’ll find the best nursing pay packages per week by city; this resource is especially useful if you’re looking to maximize your travel nurse pay on your next assignment!

See a list of the highest paying cities for travel nurses here.

american money on white table next to candle and small plant top nursing blogs of 2020

9. Nurses Are Needed Now More Than Ever

This year, we stood eye-to-eye for the first time with the COVID-19 pandemic. With infections of COVID-19 continuing to rise throughout the world, and we realized quickly that we needed nurses now more than ever. 

Today, we see nurses making the informed choice to enter infection hotspots, care for infected patients, and courageously put themselves at higher risk in order to support others in need. Nurses are the core of the healthcare system, and we are proud to help connect them with roles in which they can, and do, take up to save lives.

Find in-demand COVID-19 travel nursing jobs here.

10. Trusted for New Grads—a new way to launch your nursing career

While nursing students today can turn to their school’s career centers, friends and family, mentors and professors, and online resources for advice, there’s no singular guide to how to embark on your career in 2020. 

It became clear to us at Trusted that we wanted to create one place to house the tools, insights, and advice a nursing new grad needs to both find their first job as well as dive into a career they truly love. Using input from nursing students, as well as everything we’ve learned over the years of building a nurses-first career platform, we did just that.

Trusted for New Grads comprises a series of tools and guides designed specifically to help new nursing graduates find that first role. What are you waiting for? Get started!

And a Few Honorable Mentions

Questions to Ask Your Nursing Interviewer

Nursing interviews are a source of stress for pretty much everyone, and it may feel like there’s a lot riding on your answers during interviews. In the midst of your preparation, however, don’t forget that the questions you ask at the end of an interview can say a lot about you; oftentimes, just as much, if not more, than your own answers throughout the interview.

Here’s what you should be asking during your nursing interviews.

Conflict In Nursing: Types, Strategies, and Resolutions

No job is completely drama-free, and nursing is no exception: conflict in nursing definitely exists, making conflict resolution an important (albeit often underrated) skill. By learning how to reduce and minimize conflict, you’ll not only be making your day-to-day life easier, you’ll also be redirecting everyone’s energy and focus to the patients and their families―those who need it most. 

This is how you can avoid conflict in nursing

7 Best Side Hustles for Nurses to Make Extra Money 

The nursing profession has skyrocketed in recent years and is poised for continuous growth. Although nursing jobs pay comparatively well in the US, it’s still not enough, and earning additional income is always a plus for anyone.

Whatever your financial situation may be, there’s a side hustle out there for you. We compiled a list of the seven best side hustle opportunities for nurses that can help boost your bottom line (especially if you’re looking to retire wealthier than a doctor).

You can see the full list of side hustles here.

Moving Forward into 2021

We hope you learned a lot and found what you’re looking for in our top nursing blog articles of 2020, and if not, don’t worry; we’ve got plenty more incredible nursing content coming to you in the days, weeks, and months ahead!

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