Average Nurse Salary in
New York

Average Nurse Salary in New York

New York is one of the higher paying states for registered nurses. The registered nurse salary in New York is $96,170 per year. This means that nurses in New York earn an average of $46.24 per hour. On the other hand, the national average for registered nurses is $77,600 per year. This annual salary is approximately $37.31 per hour.

(Data courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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Highest Paying Cities in
New York

Highest Paying Cities in New York for...

Travel Nurse

Average gross weekly nurse pay in the top cities/wider metro area

  1. Port Jefferson - $4,614
  2. Valley Stream - $4,610
  3. Astoria - $4,564
  4. Flushing - $4,317
  5. Cortlandt Manor - $4,117
  6. Queens - $3,927
  7. New York City - $3,714
  8. Plainview - $3,560
  9. Mount Kisco - $3,406
  10. Bronxville - $3,387

(Trusted Health Data) (Data courtesy of Trusted Health, May 2021)

Registered Nurse

Average annual nurse salary in the following cities/wider metro areas

  1. New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA Metro Area: $98,950
  2. Ithaca, NY Metro Area: $79,240
  3. Kingston, NY Metro Area: $78,670
  4. Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NY Metro Area: $78,070
  5. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY Metro Area: $77,890
  6. Watertown-Fort Drum, NY Metro Area: $77,630
  7. Glens Falls, NY Metro Area: $76,530
  8. Elmira, NY Metro Area: $75,510
  9. Rochester, NY Metro Area: $75,440
  10. Syracuse, NY Metro Area: $75,440
  11. Utica-Rome, NY Metro Area: $75,040
  12. Binghamton, NY Metro Area: $75,000

(Data courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Nurse Specialties

Average annual nurse salary for the following nurse specialties

  1. Med/Surg Nurse - $104,356 (Range of $94,407 - $116,255)
  2. Progressive Care Nurse - $93,036 (Range of $81,896 - $105,469)
  3. Operating Room Nurse - $84,623 (Range of $75,926 - $93,549)
  4. Emergency Nurse - $82,330 (Range of $73,520 - $91,445)
  5. ICU Nurse - $81,778 (Range of $73,683 - $88,872)
  6. Labor and Delivery Nurse - $79,500 (Range of $72,300 – $90,000)
  7. Pediatric Nurse - $77,700 (Range of $70,500 - $89,000)

(Data courtesy of Salary.com)(Data courtesy of Salary.com, May 2021)

Cost of Living

Although nurse salaries in New York may be 24% higher than the national average, living in New York isn’t cheap. New York ranks well above the national cost of living index. While your nursing salary may be higher, the cost of rent alone may make up for it. For more detailed cost of living by city, check out the nurse Salary Explorer.

(Data courtesy of World Population Review)

Job Growth for Nurses

New York is a popular destination for staff and travel nurses alike. In 2021, New York was home to more than 184,000 nurses.

However, New York has a strong job outlook, as the number of nurses in New York is expected to grow. Registered nurse jobs are forecasted to grow by more than 4.5% between 2021 and 2023, bringing the total number of working nurses in New York to more than 192,250.

(Data courtesy of Projections Central)

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