MAY 6-12, 2020

Mental Health Month

Nurses Week 2020

This Nurses Week is unlike any other. As a society, we have asked more of nurses than we ever have by asking you to put your lives on the front lines in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. While one week is not nearly enough, we want to take this week to share our gratitude by offering our support for the work you do every day, in times of crisis, and always.

From everyone here at Trusted, thank you.

Virtual Events Schedule

Resilient Together – A Mindfulness Meditation

How can we listen to our bodies? How can we pay attention and be present? Meditation is a way to tune into your mind and body. It is a way to train attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state in any situation.

May 6th

7:00 PM


Quaranteaming: Nurses' Game Night

Get ready for a fun, interactive game night with your fellow nurses and friends! Chuck and Brian will be hosting an interactive event where the hosts and team members (YOU) will participate in nursing Mad Libs, Improv games, and more. Bring yourself, your favorite drink, and a lot of energy for the best time you’ve had yet during this mandatory quarantine.

May 7th

6:00 PM


Let's Make A Zine

What is a zine? A zine is a homemade publication. There are no set-in-stone rules for making anything you're interested in. Making a zine is all about self-expression and creativity.

May 8th

6:00 PM


How Nurses Can Find and Land Remote Telehealth Jobs

Sadie Glisson from The Remote Nurse will lead a 1-hour event describing a variety of remote nursing opportunities along with a live screenshare workshop detailing how to find these jobs utilizing online job boards, search tools, networking platforms, and more

May 9th

12:00 PM


Clarity in Crisis

As a frontline responder in the biggest global crisis of our time, your well-being is on the line. Just surviving this crisis isn’t enough and Jessica will teach you how to clear your mind and heart after an overwhelming day of being pushed past your limits.

May 11th

3:00 PM


Lettering for Snail Mail

Practicing gratitude can help combat fear, stress and anxiety and lettering is a calming, meditative activity. In this class, you'll learn basic lettering techniques and how to apply them to snail mail.

May 12th

6:00 PM


The DAISY Awards

The DAISY Award is a prestigious award celebrating the most passionate and caring nurses around the world. At Trusted, we believe in honoring the inspiring nurses working with us. These nurses are the embodiment of our core values: passion, drive, innovation, and conscientiousness.

This Nurses Week, we have selected 10 Trusted Nurses to receive the DAISY Award. These nurses have demonstrated remarkable compassion by running toward COVID-19 hotspots and stepping up to the occasion when the rest of the world is taking a step back.

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Mental Health Month

Burnout and depression are at all-time highs among nurses, with many nurses reporting that they feel their mental health is not being prioritized in the healthcare industry.

At Trusted, we believe in supporting nurses in every aspect of their lives. That's why we've created a Mental Health Resource Center to equip nurses and other medical professionals with the resources they need, ranging from an emotional support hotline to online courses and articles.

Visit our Mental Health
Resource Center

Get access to our exclusive emotional support hotline, articles on managing stress, and online courses for dealing with burnout and depression.

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Nurses Week Deals

We’ve compiled a complete list of all the promotions going on this week for nurses, healthcare workers and first responders. We’ve listed some of the biggest ones we’d like to shoutout below, but click the button below to view the complete list.

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Nurses Week Activity on our blog

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