October 25, 2019

Top Stories This Week

How many nurses does it take to deliver twins? —

Two. And twins at that. Twin nurses, Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard, help bring another set of twins into the world. Although Drinkward works in L&D and Howard in the NICU, they were both called in to help deliver the twin girls. The newborns' parents are still in contact with the nurses and hope to receive their advice on how best to raise their own twins.

Science says: you're only as old as you feel —

Research shows that how you answer the question, "How old do you feel?," can be a pretty accurate indicator of your health. Those who stated they felt younger than they actually are have been proven to have endured less age-related deterioration. This is what's called your "subjective age," and it may shine light on what really defines age. Regardless of how we feel, we generally tend be become happier and more comfortable with ourselves as we age. Maybe aging isn't so bad after all.  

When private equity runs medical care —

This week, Bloomberg released a chilling story of what happens when private equity runs medical care. In summary: nothing good. The company in question, Aveanna Healthcare, became focused on two principles: providing in-home nursing care for sick and disabled children, and maximizing profit. A former recruiter is even on record jesting there were essentially two requirements for new hires: "If you were breathing and had a nursing license." Conflict of interest much?

MJ's Slam Dunk for Charlotte's Uninsured —

"The money is not an issue for me, it's the commitment to be able to make a difference and make an impact..." He's not only notable, he's also quotable. Michael Jordan opened a clinic to serve the uninsured and underinsured in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina last Thursday. A 2014 study conducted by Harvard & UC Berkeley ranked Charlotte 50th out of 50 large cities for social mobility. The clinic will not only deliver health care but also connect patients to other resources, including behavioral health and social support services.

Veteran's final wish to reunite with his dog —

A recent reunion between a Vietnam veteran and his dog went viral this week. John Vincent was hospitalized before being transferred to a nearby hospice facility. His dying wish was to spend one more day with his 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. A palliative care worker called the city's Animal Wellfare Department where Patch had ended up. Both parties agreed to make it work. Vincent and Patch spent one more day cuddling together in the hospital bed. (Patch has since been adopted!)

Mental health care gettin' some investor love —

This week alone $25 million was invested in emerging healthtech companies looking to sew the seeds of change. Octave, an awesome new company, founded by a former executive from One Medical and a Stanford Psychiatry Professor, raised $11 million to further the goal of making mental health care more accessible to the general public; Winnie, a San Francisco-based marketplace for child care and early education, raised $9 million; and, Medinas raised $5 million to continue work on a software-focused market for reusable medical equipment.

Clockin' Out ✌

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