March 12, 2021

What is "Vacci-dating?"

Many users of dating apps are now explicitly posting they are COVID-19 vaccinated on their online profiles. From “I got both vaccine doses!" to "COVID free and vaccinated," many online daters are boasting about their vaccination status. But should they? And does it matter? Many are seeing it as a free-ride to continue dating in person. However, health experts, like Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency room physician and public health expert at George Washington University, says, “We don’t know whether ‘if’ somebody is vaccinated means they will no longer be a carrier of coronavirus. They may still be able to infect you even if they are safe from coronavirus themselves.” Only time will tell, but for now, it might make sense to keep on swiping. Read more

How science has (slowly) evolved its views on women's health —

It wasn't until 1993 that Congress actually pass an amendment to existing laws allowing women to participate in medical studies. Before this time, human trials on burgeoning drugs and medical treatments only involved men. Even early drug trials on lab animals were only done on the the males of a species. In fact, 2014 was the first time that the NIH required both male and female lab animals to be used in studies. Comedian Stephen Colbert even highlighted this moment in a monologue, saying, "Any scientist knows it's crucial to eliminate extraneous variables – like half the global population." While an entertaining commentary, the reality was too true; women were missing from many national health studies. Awareness of this issue has slowly spread since then, and even today, researchers are pushing to ensure that as much of the population as possible is represented in experimental samples where widespread implications are potential results. Read more

What do LPNs do? —

If you're considering another role in healthcare, a career as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is one you may want to take a look at. A career as an LPN can offer job security, competitive pay, and a sense of fulfillment. In this three-part series, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about LPNs, such as "What does an LPN do?," "What's the difference between an LPN and LVN?," and "What's the difference between an LPN and an RN?" Follow along to find out! Read more

Guam becomes the first U.S. territory to join the nurse licensure compact —

On March 5, Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero of Guam signed the eNLC into law for the United States territory of Guam. This acceptance of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact allows registered nurses and licensed practical or vocational nurses to practice within, and from, Guam under a multistate nursing license (either in person or via telehealth). For now, entry into Guam as a traveler is accepted, while residents of Guam will be able to obtain their own multistate licenses in 2022. This brings the total number of states following the eNLC to 35. Still waiting on you, California... Read more

Coronavirus Updates

Working as a travel nurse during COVID-19: "War Doesn't Even Compare" —

Grover Nicodemus Street, a military veteran and travel nurse with more than 20 years in the nursing industry, has been battling on the frontlines of the pandemic since last year. He estimates that he's personally seen 3,000 deaths due to the pandemic: "What I have seen throughout the year, I would rather die, any other way of dying, than dying with coronavirus. It's a sad way to go [...] War doesn't even compare." Street tested positive himself, despite the mounds of PPE he's gone through. Thankfully, he made a successful recovery. Despite the fact that he was planning on retiring last year, he returned to the frontlines. He said he's invested in the fight and will see it through: "If people quit, who's going to take care of all the sick people that come into the hospital?" However, now fully vaccinated, Street says he feels much more comfortable getting near patients, and his work environment seems a little bit more at ease. Despite his readiness to retire, Street says he's compelled to continue his efforts on the frontlines: "This battle is not over yet." Read more

A nurse's struggle with anti-mask sentiment —

Agnes Boisvert is an ICU nurse in Boise, Idaho. She's spent most of the pandemic fighting against COVID-19 night and day, trying to find a way between two very different worlds: the whirlwind of "beeping monitors, masked emotion and death" and what seems like obliviousness on the part of those not seeing the impact of COVID-19 firsthand. Keep reading for a poignant illustration of what her days are like. Read more

CDC states that vaccinated groups can meet... indoors? —

The CDC announced on Monday that Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can gather indoors in small groups with others who are also fully vaccinated. This can be done without taking precautions of social distancing and mask wearing; however, the CDC still advises this be the case for families (i.e. grandparents visiting with grandchildren) and not mixed crowds. When out in public, individuals who are fully vaccinated should continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing, even when outside. Read more

Upcoming Events

3/16, 5pm PDT: Instagram Live: Negotiate Like a Boss —

It's no secret that nursing is a largely female-dominated profession, but studies have shown that women often lack the confidence and know-how to negotiate for themselves at critical points in their careers. In honor of Women's History Month, on Tuesday March 16 at 5pm PDT, we are hosting an IG Live featuring negotiation expert Monica Carter, a nurse practitioner who uses her platform to educate fellow nurses on how and when to negotiate. Join us to learn what nurses should ask for, and what to say when asking for more! Tune in

Clockin' Out ✌️

"Dear New Nurse,
No matter how long you practice nursing, there will be days that just kick you in the tail. And that's ok." - @newdadrn (a nurse of 10 years)