March 19, 2021

Top 15 nurse bloggers and influencers️

We all remember back in nursing school when we were told to stay current in our practice and were recommended to subscribe to some sort of nursing journal? Yes, doing so can still be very beneficial, but times have changed, and there are now SO many alternative resources out there as well. And by resources, we mean nurse bloggers and influencers, of course. Through many of these personalities, you can find resources on nursing education and lifestyle, overall wellness, and even beauty tips. Some also have great nursing communities to share ideas and questions with. One of our Nurse Advocates, Kelly Samolis, shared her list of the top 15 nurse bloggers and influencers that you should follow! Read more

How to navigate nurse residency programs —

Your first nursing position sets the tone for your career — So, how do you successfully navigate this overwhelming process? Catch the recap of our recent event with Ashley Haugstatter (aka The Nurse Mentor), where she broke down what a nurse residency program is and why it might be the right fit for you. She also discussed where to find the best opportunities and how to market yourself as a standout candidate. If you're a new grad, you don't want to miss it! Read more

Amazon Care to launch in the U.S. this summer —

Almost two years ago, Amazon Care launched internally for Amazon employees. The service provides immediate access to medical care and support, both virtually and in person. The virtual care aspect has been able to provide employees with online medical assistance in as little as 60 seconds, while the in-person offer can have medical professionals sent to the patient's home to assess the patient's health, draw blood, and even provide prescription delivery. Until recently, Amazon Care has only been available to internal employees based in Washington State, but beginning this summer, Amazon Care will extend its virtual care to Amazon employees and other companies in all 50 states. Read more

Is the increase in telehealth services threatening in-state providers? —

While the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a rollback of national telehealth regulations in order to increase domestic access to care, many states are now looking to maintain these changes. And while boasting benefits of access to care and choice of care, the increase in telehealth services also brought with it some unintended consequences: an increase in medical fraud, access inequality for vulnerable groups, and added tension between in- and out-of-state healthcare providers. With many healthcare organizations risking the loss of privately insured patients amidst an expanded pool of competition, some are asking for additional restrictions to these (relaxed) COVID-time regulations. Read more

Nurse mental health survey —

Trusted is gathering data around the mental health and wellbeing of our community — particularly nurses who are working on the frontlines of the pandemic. We are asking nurses to complete a short survey that should take no more than five minutes of your time. This survey is part of our larger mission as a nurses-first company to highlight issues of mental and emotional health among healthcare workers, and then work toward meaningful solutions. All information in the survey will be kept completely anonymous. Complete the survey

Coronavirus Updates

Will "vaccine passports" be ready in time for summer? —

As we get closer to summer, and as COVID-19 vaccines continue to be dispersed throughout the country, the question remains: What does this mean for international travel? At the moment, the CDC is still discouraging nonessential travel, and a spokesperson stated, “[The CDC] has not yet issued guidance on management of vaccinated people during travel, and there are no established international standards for vaccines or documentation of vaccination.” There are worries that formal restrictions based on vaccine status may create a dichotomy of the "haves" and "have nots," as global citizens look toward future travel plans. Multiple countries are already putting into place processes for vaccination certification—other than the paper certificates received after a vaccination appointment, as they are too easily forged—but the United States doesn't seem to have a plan in place yet. Right now, the focus remains: vaccinate as much of the population as possible, then figure out what comes next. Read more

Nursing home COVID-19 cases finally fall —

We're finally seeing the payoff months after COVID-19 vaccines became available to nursing home staff. Between December 20 and February 14, we saw an 83% decrease in COVID-19 cases among nursing home staff (this is a decrease of nearly 24,000 cases per week). Moreover, infection rates among nursing residents have also fallen by a hefty 89%. This is compared with a 58% decrease in cases among the general public over this same time period. These numbers provide evidence that the vaccine appears to be having a slow but steady effect on reducing total cases. This is encouraging insight that will hopefully continue forward throughout the general population as well in the months to come. Read more

Has the LGBTQ community been hit harder by the pandemic? —

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently shared analysis showing that the LGBTQ community has experienced greater job loss and threat to mental health than non-LTBTQ people throughout the pandemic so far. The study found that more than 56% of LGBTQ adults reported that they or someone they know lost their job during the pandemic. This compared with 44% of non-LGBTQ adults who reported the same. Moreover, 75% of LGBTQ people surveyed stated that the pandemic has negatively impacted their mental health and wellbeing, while about 49% of non-LGBTQ individuals reported the same. These differences are significant, and they come forward at a time where the majority of the LGTBQ community sees getting the COVID-19 vaccine as a community responsibility, rather than an individual one. Read more

Upcoming Events

3/24, 3:00pm PDT: Mobile Living: RVs & Tiny Homes —

Thinking of moving into an RV or tiny home? There are a multitude of factors to consider when deciding whether transitioning to the mobile lifestyle will be beneficial for you. For some people, moving into an RV or tiny home is a great decision, while for others, it can be a costly mistake. Join travel nurses and mobile living experts, Samantha Koerner and Brandon Rodgers, as they share their personal experience in RVs and tiny homes as well as wisdom and advice for any nurse wanting to explore life on the road. This one-hour chat will also include time for a Q&A portion, so bring your questions! All are welcome, just make sure you RSVP!️

3/25, 5:00pm PDT: Instagram Live - Advice for New Grads —

It's no secret that those first couple of years as a nurse can be tough. So, how can new nurses stay organized, communicate like experts, and learn how to love their careers? New Grads, meet your new nurse gurus: Jannel Gooden of Novice is The New Nurse & Tina Vinsant of the podcast Good Nurse, Bad Nurse. These two nurses have dedicated their platforms to helping new grad nurses navigate their careers. Join them on our IG Live on Thursday, March 25 at 5pm PDT for an honest and eye-opening chat about how new nurses can build confidence and succeed at the bedside. Tune in

Clockin' Out ✌️

If the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything...

Stamps - Lickie Stickie
Defibrillators - Hearty Starty
Bumble bees - Fuzzy Buzzy
Pregnancy test - Maybe Baby
Bra - Breastie Nestie
Fork - Stabby Grabby
Socks - Feetie Heatie
Hippo - Floatie Boatie
Nightmare - Screamy Dreamy

- Kim Brown Sims MBA, RN, FACHE