May 8, 2020

What's that smell, Lassie?

Our ability to safely re-open as a nation requires the ability to identify those who are COVID-positive and may be carriers. While testing is one way to do that, Poncho and his fellow Labrador Retrievers at Penn Vet are another. The pups are being trained as part of a research project at the University of Pennsylvania to determine whether dogs can detect an odor associated with COVID-19 — similarly to how they are able to sniff out drugs, explosives, malaria, and cancers. If successful, this would allow them to screen people in airports, businesses, or hospitals at upwards of 250 people per hour! Read more

What else smells like good news? —

While an accurate diagnosis is necessary to inform the decisions families and medical teams must make on behalf of patients with severe brain injuries, there has historically been a 40% diagnostic error rate. Recent results of a study show that a simple "sniff test" can help improve this accuracy, showing that the ability to detect smells predicts recovery and long-term survival of these patients. The study found that 100% of patients who reacted to the sniff test went on to regain consciousness, and over 91% of these patients were still alive three and a half years after injury. Read more

No valve, no problem —

While N95s with valves have been a no-go in medicinal settings, because of the free-flow airway from the wearer, California's Bay Area is one of the first places to ban the public from wearing said mask type. Why? A one-way valve may still protect you from outside contaminants and make it easier for you to exhale, but it does nothing to stop you from spreading your germs to those around you. Read more

The most effective DIY mask? —

Researchers have found that a simple mask put together from one layer of high-thread-count cotton and two layers of silk or chiffon performs almost as well as an N95 mask. There's also proof that this DIY mask may even be better at capturing smaller particles than N95s. A tighter weave in cotton provides a sturdier physical membrane for particle capturing, while both silk and chiffon generate an electrostatic charge that can attract and catch small particulates, including viruses. Read more

Don't take your WiFi for granted —

While working from home might sound ideal, it's far from it for those who have limited access to internet. The Federal Communications Commission found that more than 5% of the US population lacks the high-speed internet needed to work and learn remotely. And if we're moving toward a greater emphasis on telehealth, what does this mean for patients who might not have access to stable WiFi connections, either because of socioeconomic or geographical barriers? The causes of this challenge run deep, and it will take efforts from state governments, nonprofits, and local municipalities to address them fully. Read more

Trusted shares nurses mental health survey results —

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and Nurses Week 2020, Trusted Health has released the results of a recently conducted survey in order to spread awareness of the challenges that nurses and other healthcare workers are facing today. We received more than 1,400 responses, two-thirds of which were from nurses who have or are currently providing direct care to COVID-19 patients. While a disproportionate number of responders said they were not supported enough by their healthcare settings, most of them claimed to be just as, if not more so, committed to their calling. Read more

Nurses Week 2020 Event Calendar —

You're invited to join any and all of our Nurses Week 2020 events and activities! The below events are lined up for the coming days, so check them out, invite your nurse friends, and RSVP!

Craft Class: Let's Make A Zine! - May 8, 6pm PDT Come explore your own self-expression and creativity through this craft class designed for all skill levels! RSVP

How Nurses Can Find and Land Remote Telehealth Jobs - May 9, 12pm PDT Thinking about remote nursing? RSVP for the 411 on all things remote nursing, led by Sadie Glasson. RSVP

How To Clear Your Mind: Clarity In Crisis - May 11, 3pm PDT Are you taking care of you? Jessica Pass Haskell, founder of Heights Haven, will lead us through a powerful hour — teaching us the #1 tool to clear our minds and recharge for what’s next. RSVP

Lettering For Snail Mail - May 12, 6:00 pm PDT Get ready to flex your fingers and your heart during Tuesday’s snail mail lettering class led by Punkpost’s pro letterer and artist, Linda Nguyen! We’ll try out lettering, practice gratitude, and spread love to anyone who needs it right now (aka everyone). RSVP

Clockin' Out ✌

Quarantine Pickup Lines:
Do you need toilet paper? Because I can be your Prince Charmin

You can't spell V-I-R-U-S without "U" & "I"

I saw you from across the bar. Stay there.

I’m just a boy, standing 6 feet away from a girl. Asking you to maybe move back another foot. Thanks.