May 29, 2020

How to deal with decreased income as a nurse

Right now, many nurses across the nation are experiencing an unprecedented decrease in pay and hours because of the current coronavirus pandemic and some of its less talked about impacts: hospitals have closed many outpatient clinics, elective surgeries have halted, and many facilities are encountering a low census. If you're finding yourself directly impacted, here are some things you can do right now: Audit your expenses, titrate your income, renegotiate terms of your accounts, create your emergency plan, and reevaluate your plan as you go. Read more

Less pay here, more pay there —

Hazard pay has become a call to action as well as source of controversy around the world as healthcare workers are risking their lives, often without adequate PPE. However, some countries are experiencing sharp spikes in salary and compensation, while others have yet to initiate similar efforts. Canada, France, Russia, Iraq, and the UK have all seen a variety of increased compensation, while the US has yet to approve national hazard pay, and some healthcare workers have even seen reduced hours as hospitals suffer capital losses. Read more

How can nurses file for unemployment? —

If your income has decreased because of the current pandemic, it’s important to start exploring different means of increasing your income. It’s also important to use this time to get organized with your finances in order to be able to withstand another pandemic or financial emergency that could affect your employment. If you're interested in learning more about how to file for full or partial unemployment, or explore alternative nursing jobs, check out this quick read. Read more

Nursing students share their take on COVID-19 —

Nursing students working on campus at the University of Virginia share what it's been like to have their schedules and classes modified (or canceled), and recent graduates come to terms with drastic change in their day-to-day as pre-COVID normalcy has morphed into a much more complex first year of nursing experience. Martha Peterson, a third-year nursing student, had to leave campus when dorms closed. While frustrated that she can't finish her year on campus, she says the whole situation has only bolstered her interest in nursing and given her a "greater appreciation" of the career. Meanwhile, Billy Burris, RN, a recent graduate who now works in the ED at UVA always carries his "coronavirus bag" with him. In it, he brings with him an extra set of scrubs and clothes to every shift in case he's exposed and must spend the night with other exposed coworkers. Students and new grads are showing true resiliency during this time, and this bodes well for the future of nursing. Read more

A tale of two nurses —

Here, we're sharing a fictional short story. This piece departs from our usual nonfiction pieces, but it offers a beautiful and nuanced glimpse into the life of two nurses. Their relationship begins during a smoke break outside of one nurse's lithotripsy trailer and slowly concretizes into something much deeper. Read more

Upcoming Events —

6/4, 7pm PDT: Meets, Greets, & Games: San Francisco
Whether you just landed an assignment in San Francisco or you’ve been Bay Area nurse for years, this event is for you! It's an hour for nurses to connect (virtually) with each other, meet some friendly new faces, and learn a bit more about the city. Every attendee will have a chance to play some virtual games, video chat, and win some exclusive goodies. RSVP

Clockin' Out ✌

Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home.