October 16, 2020

Surge in work-from-home nursing roles 🏡

While demand for nurses at the bedside surged during the onset of the pandemic, more and more remote nursing jobs are simultaneously becoming available. Some of the most prevalent as of late are: Nurse Health Coach, Nurse Advocate, Nurse Informatics, Telephone Triage Nurse, Remote Nurse Case Managers, Nurse Coders, Freelance Nurse Writer, Clinical Research Assistant, and Independent Nurse Recruiter. If you're interested in learning more about any of these positions, read on. Read more

10 years later: from custodian to nurse practitioner —

There are no excuses, and it's never too late. These are both things that Jaines Andrades has proven, returning to Baystate Medical Center 10 years later, now as a nurse practitioner. When she first arrived there nearly a decade before, her official title was "custodian." After choosing to pursue nursing, and after five years of nursing school, she's returning, now as an expert practitioner in trauma surgery. Read more

Highest paying cities for travel nurses 2020-2021 —

Through thousands of data points collected from travel nurses all around the country, we’ve been able to rank the top three cities for travel nurses within each state of the United States. In this resource, you’ll find the best nursing pay packages per week by city. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to maximize your travel nurse pay on your next assignment. While the weekly rates collected were from travel nurses, more often than not, higher traveler compensation corresponds with higher staff pay, too! Read more

New grad nurses: applying what you learned in nursing school —

As a recent nursing new grad, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and even a little bit frightened. Applying what you learned in the classroom to the hospital floor is challenging, but it must be done. From your first day all the way through your first year (or maybe even the first few years), you are setting the tone for your entire nursing career. While no one expects perfection on your first day, the things you do now lay the framework for the rest of your career. Start your career in nursing off on the right foot by following the advice shared here! Read more

Travelers, looking for a better way to track hours? —

Introducing the Trusted Timecard App. Available exclusively for Trusted Nurses, the Trusted Timecard app allows you to (1) easily access important timecard details on-the-go, such as timecard due date and hours already submitted; (2) add custom shift details, with hour type choices such as on-call, orientation, charge, and lunch time — a better experience for non-standard work weeks; and, (3) simply edit and delete hours and preview timecards prior to submitting your timecard with our easy-to-navigate user experience. Sign up with a free profile to start using it today! Read more

Coronavirus Updates

The toll of COVID-19 on children —

As has been often underrepresented in the statistics and in the media, the toll of COVID-19 on children has not been minimal. Nearly 10% of all seven million reported cases in the US have been recorded in children; however, even this is likely a misrepresentation as state data is inconsistently collected. One mother, Amy Frentheway, and her three children have been suffering from symptoms for months. After all four family members tested positive for COVID-19 with intermittent hospital visits, the children's symptoms disappeared only to reemerge a month after testing negative, with low-grade fevers becoming a norm. "I was left with bone-crushing fatigue [...] My kids have that same thing now too, with lots of brain fog. Some days they wake up and just go back to bed," said Frentheway. Many families in similar situations are skeptical that many doctors are prepared to deal with the unaccustomed and unrelenting symptoms that children with "long-haul" COVID-19 are experiencing. Read more

More than half of US states are experiences growing rates of COVID-19 —

Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that at least 40 states have reported an increase in COVID-19 cases compared to the week before. Nine of these states have even reported record-high numbers of hospitalizations (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). What's more, in 15 of these states, the test positivity rate is over 10%, meaning there still is not enough testing being done. High levels of community spread and increasing numbers of hospitalizations are worrying to community health leaders. With the fall and winter months expecting to receive a large growth in new cases, an additional 20,000 deaths due to COVID-19 are expected in the last three weeks of October alone. Please stay vigilant; this is far from over. Read more

Upcoming Events

10/21, 3pm PDT: Healthy Finances: Invest with Confidence —

Get your financial life sorted and learn more about investing so you and your family can enjoy more freedom, even if you’re on a median income, have debt, have no time to learn about investing, or are terrified to start. Join Lynn Frair, RN, a nurse and personal finance enthusiast who, despite numerous financial and health setbacks, used simple investing tactics to reach “work optional” status at age 39.

By the end of this chat, you’ll learn...
• Why investing is a necessity for financial success
• The #1 financial mistake nurses make that sets them up for financial failure and compromises their security
• The top factor preventing nurses from beginning to invest as well as how to overcome it RSVP

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