March 5, 2021

Nursing specialties you should know about!

Ever wonder what an Informatics Nurse does? What about a Forensic Nurse or a Legal Nurse Consultant? These are some of the fascinating and incredibly rewarding nursing specialties that are growing in popularity. Whether you're a nursing student, new grad, or nursing veteran, there are always more career options to check out. Use this resource to see what else is out there for you! Read more

What are the highest paying travel nursing jobs of 2021 —

As of January 2021, the average annual travel nurse salary is just below $100,000, with many specialties earning beyond that. Because hospitals and facilities are unable to function without the skills and expertise of nurses, they're ofen willing to pay very competitive rates to get them on board. Although some of the super high rates you see may see out there today aren't guaranteed to continue, here are the top five highest paying travel nursing jobs of 2021 so far! Read more

How much do nurse practitioners actually make? —

Due to burnout at the bedside or job loss, many registered nurses are considering career changes. For the nurses who are ready for increased responsibilities regarding patient care and treatment, applying to a nurse practitioner program and continuing your education may be a lucrative option. After deciding that you want to become a nurse practitioner, how do you determine which specialty is right for you? The selection process heavily depends on your experience and future goals. A question everyone should ask themselves, though... Is there enough of a difference between your current pay and potential new wage to compensate for the cost of graduate school? Keep reading to find out! Read more

The pandemic's disproportional effect on Filipino nurses —

A recent podcast from The Atlantic, entitled "4 Percent of Nurses, 31.5 Percent of Deaths," goes into detail on why so many people (mostly women) from the Philippines have emigrated from their home to become healthcare providers in the United States. More importantly, as the title of the episode suggests, why have Filipino nurses been so disproportionately affected by the pandemic? Read more

The Tea: The New... “New Normal?" —

Welcome to the first edition of The Tea, a new blog series, and your go-to source for the latest on the travel nursing market and what it means for you (and your wallet). This week, we’re talking COVID-19 pay, vaccine roles, and how to navigate the unknown. Let’s dive in. 🍵 Read more

Coronavirus Updates

The COVID-19 misinformation continues —

Social media has posed a challenge throughout the pandemic when it comes to the spread of misinformation. While good and true messages are certainly shared, it's many of the incorrect statements and datasets that have gained the most attention... and this doesn't exclude those shared by the healthcare community, either. In December, a doctor had his license suspended for refusing to wear a mask and encouraging others to do the same; and, less than a month ago, four nurses in Kansas refused to administer COVID-19 vaccines, stating their reasoning as a lack of confidence in its quick development and production. While these types of actions on behalf of medical professionals aren't the norm, they can do damage by fueling public fear and doubt in the vaccine. So, what can we do? If you're posting on social media, make sure you fact check first, and only post trustworthy resources when it comes to the pandemic and public health. Read more

Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved, but delayed —

Shortly after the FDA approved the J&J COVID-19 vaccine for wide usage, federal officials made a statement that the supply of this vaccine would be highly uneven for the first few weeks. J&J will have released nearly 4 million shots by the end of this week, but there won't be anymore after that until the end of March. By that point, J&J has promised to deliver another 16 million doses to the federal government. Back in 2020, J&J promised to produce 37 million doses before the end of the month, but now, the new goal is 20 million, 17 million short of their original promise. As J&J continues to ramp up production, the hope is that these numbers will increase; and now, with Merck's support (see below), these chances are looking much better. Read more

Merck will join J&J to boost vaccine supplies —

An unprecedented deal between competing pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson and Merck, aims to provide the United States with enough COVID-19 vaccines to meet J&J's March–July deadline. Best case scenario, there are enough vaccines for every adult before June of this year. President Biden, who announced the deal, will also be using the federal government's pharmacy vaccination program to help ensure that teachers and child care workers are provided with vaccines by the end of March. Fingers crossed! Read more

Following drop in COVID-19 cases, 29 states see rapid increase —

Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 cases have fallen below their record-high count from January; however, last Sunday was the first time in more than a month that 29 states actually reported rising case counts. Top health officials now worry that the United States could quickly lose the "hard-earned ground [it has] gained." Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that she was very concerned with the rollback of restrictions amidst current statistics: "We cannot be resigned to 70,000 cases per day, 2,000 daily deaths." In other words, not good enough. We need to push the virus back further before we can continue to open back up and ease restrictions safely. With four states now removing their mask mandates and reopening completely, health experts are worried. Read more

Upcoming Events

3/10, 3pm PST: What is Cannabis Nursing? —

Nurses are always looking for ways to expand their knowledge and skills. More and more patients have access to cannabis, but they also have questions about using it. With federal decriminalization likely to happen within the next few years, nurses must be prepared to meet the needs of their patients. Whether you are looking to incorporate cannabis knowledge into your current practice or are simply preparing for the future, you must start with foundational knowledge in cannabinoid sciences. Join Eloise Theisen, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, and President of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, to learn more about how cannabis nursing can support the needs of your patients. All nurses are invited to this event, just make sure you RSVP!️

Clockin' Out ✌️

"On days off: Breakfast. Mid-morning snack. Elevensies. Lunch. Mid-afternoon snack. Pre-dinner snack. Dinner. After dinner snack. Before bed snack.

Work days: Breakfast. Maybe one quick meal in 12.5 hours. Sips of water. Dinner at 8:30 PM." - @nursekelsey