September 20, 2019

Introducing The Handoff

Less paperwork, better care —

A pilot was done to free nurses from onerous paperwork, allowing them to spend more time focusing on patients and their needs. During the pilot, nurses were paired with a Care Team Assistants responsible for documenting patients' care under a nurse's supervision. Relief from heavy documentation responsibility means more quality time with patients and the ability to play a more active role in patients' care.

$3.5 billion, the total valuation of two healthtech companies —

In the last month, Livongo (focuses on reducing the burden of managing diabetes) and Health Catalyst (platform that consolidates health data from different systems) both went public, raising a total of $500 million. Since 2017 alone, there exist more than 300,000 digital applications focused on health or healthcare (nearly 200 new mobile apps are added each day... you thought you had an app-hoarding problem before).

Look good while you spend money —

Apple recently launched the Apple Card, a new and improved (it's Apple, so of course it's laser-etched titanium) way to spend and keep track of your budget. Big wins: (1) you get cash back nearly instantly, the day of your purchase, and (2) your spending is automatically categorized for budgeting purposes and available in Apple Wallet on your iPhone. Stay tuned for Apple's September 10th product reveal (hint: iPhone 11).

Key tool to make it through a night shift —

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask. Sometimes, the best way to get through the long, cold night is sleep well the day before. When it's bright out and your blackout curtains don't quite cut it, thrown on this sleep mask and let all your worries of quality Zzz's float away.

What all Pediatric Nurses should know —

Sometimes starting a conversation with shy, adolescent cold-infested child can be tough. Here are the most popular children's shows on TV or streaming right now: Spongebob Squarepants (yes, still!), Steven Universe, Dragon Ball Super, and PAW Patrol. As for movies, consider mentioning Toy Story 4, How to Train Your Dragon, or the upcoming Frozen 2 movie!

Makin' Dough in Colorado —

Looking for your next travel nurse destination? Trusted Health compiled data from thousands of jobs across more than 100 specialties for registered nurses throughout the country to develop a comprehensive report on how travel nurses are being compensated in 2019. Read the full report here.

Clockin' Out ✌

We've all been waiting for it... National Indoor Plants Week!

"I received a cactus as a gift once. It died. Then I thought, I'm less nurturing than a desert. And I'm a nurse." - Russ M., ICU RN