Surgical Technician Salary Guide

Surgical techs are an essential part of an operating room team. The demand for surgical techs is growing as an increase in surgeries are being performed. With the option for as little training as a few months of on-the-job training to an accredited 2-year program, surgical techs are armed with the skills to keep an operating room organized and clean.  

Salaries for surgical techs can vary based on certifications and experience, but the location of the job plays a significant factor. Want to learn all about surgical tech salaries? Read on to find the highest-paying states along with the job outlook for surgical techs.

How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make?

On average, a surgical technician earns an average yearly salary of $51,400 per year, equating to approximately $27.09 per hour, as reported by

However, it's important to note that surgical technologists, who often have more advanced training, can command higher salaries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that surgical technologists earn a mean annual wage of $ 57,500, or $ 27.64 per hour.

Understanding the nuances between a technician and a technologist is important when evaluating career prospects and salary potential in this field.

The Role of Surgical Techs in Healthcare

The role of a surgical tech in healthcare is to assist during surgeries by preparing operating rooms, arranging equipment, and helping doctors and nurses during surgical procedures.

Surgical technicians and technologists are indispensable members of the operating room team, with the industry witnessing a surge in demand due to an increase in surgeries. Ranging from minimal on-the-job training to comprehensive accredited 2-year programs, surgical techs are equipped with the expertise to maintain the cleanliness and organization of the operating room.

Salaries Based on Location and Experience

While certifications and experience certainly influence earnings, the job location remains a critical factor. Want to dive deeper into surgical tech salaries? Continue reading to discover which states offer the highest and lowest wages and what the job outlook is for surgical techs.

Travel Surgical Tech Salary

Becoming a traveling surgical tech can be an exciting and financially rewarding career choice. Travel surgical techs often receive competitive pay due to their flexibility and willingness to move where the demand is greatest. If you're intrigued by the possibility of exploring new places while earning a lucrative income, this path might be the ideal fit for you.  You can find the highest paying surgical tech jobs available now!

Take a look at the states where travel surgical techs see the highest gross average weekly pay:

Minnesota - $2918 average gross weekly pay 2023

North Dakota - $2719 average gross weekly pay 2023

South Dakota - $2709 average gross weekly pay 2023

Earnings by Workplace

Surgical techs specializing in outpatient care centers have an average salary of $58,930, while hospital-based techs typically earn $56,600. Outpatient surgical centers are seeing a dramatic increase in demand, potentially offering higher wages for techs.

Geographical Influences on Earnings

Densely populated areas generally offer higher salaries due to a higher volume of surgeries. However, less populated regions, like Alaska, compensate with premium wages, boasting an average pay of $73,960 for surgical techs despite its lower population density. In contrast, highly populated California stands as the second highest-paying state, with surgical techs making an average of $72,860 annually.

The Contrast in Pay Across the U.S.

While California and Alaska are among the top-paying states, areas with a lower cost of living tend to pay less. For instance, Mississippi and Kansas are among the states that offer more modest salaries, aligning with their lower living costs.

The Impact of Seasonality and the Pandemic

Although pay rates for surgical techs remain fairly stable throughout the year, there is a notable uptick in demand towards the year's end as patients are trying to meet their deductibles.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the number of surgeries performed, with many facilities postponing elective procedures. However, as the country began to reopen, the number of surgeries rebounded, reflecting the resilience of the field.

Future Prospects for Surgical Techs

The job market for surgical techs is looking positive, with an anticipated growth rate of 5% over the next decade, aligning with national averages across all occupations. This growth is expected to generate approximately 7,000 new job openings annually.

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