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The number of surgery cases is increasing, making Surgical Techs (also called Surgical Technologists and Surgical Technicians) in demand across the United States. Travel jobs for these positions are widely available in both hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers based in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Job descriptions for Surgical Techs include tasks related to the preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative phases of surgery. For example, Surgical Technologists set up supplies and equipment before surgery, pass instruments to surgeons during surgery, and perform initial decontamination of instruments after surgery. Surgical Technicians work directly with the surgeons, performing hands-on tasks such as suturing. Surgical Tech jobs are rewarding because of the direct impact on patient care. Find your ideal Surgical Tech travel job today.

Travel Surgical Tech Job Responsibilities and Salary

Surgical Techs (also referred to as “Scrub Techs”) are an integral part of the surgical team. Job responsibilities are designed to keep patients safe. As a valuable member of the surgical team, Surgical Technologists prepare items for surgery and play a major role during procedures, including assisting with equipment use, passing suture and other supplies to the surgeon, and ensuring the team maintains sterile technique to reduce the risk of postoperative infection. Surgical Technicians provide direct support to the surgeon through tasks such as inserting drainage tubes. The average annual salary for Surgical Techs in the United States is more than $55,000.