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Travel Nurse + Allied Health Professional Housing Guide

So, you're diving headfirst into the world of travel nursing or allied health jobs? Welcome! You've sealed the deal, landed an assignment that makes your heart sing, and you're all set, right? But wait... Where are you going to live?

Uprooting and moving to a new place every few months sounds exhilarating, but it's not without its share of challenges. Especially when it comes to figuring out housing. Whether you’re a pro at this or just dipping your toes in, here's a guide to make the quest for your perfect temporary home a bit smoother.

Housing for Healthcare Professionals  

Alright, before we dive deep into your housing choices, let's chat about what makes a place feel just right for you. Fancy a spot that's a hop, skip, and jump away from your workplace? Or maybe you're dreaming of a quiet corner in a residential area. And, how about those amenities - can't forget about those! Oh, and are you sticking around for a short gig or hanging your hat for a while? These are the details we'll need to pin down.

For our newbies in the travel healthcare world: Here's a quick 101! Travel nursing housing is basically where you'll call home while on assignment. Sometimes an agency, like Trusted, rolls out the red carpet for you, giving you a discount on our favorite housing site. Or you might prefer scouting out your own spot. But remember, it's usually all about short-term stays that are easy on the pocket and already stocked with the essentials for your stay!

Housing Choices for Travel Nurses and Allied Health Pros

Selecting a comfortable and convenient place to stay during your assignment is crucial to ensure both your professional success and personal well-being. Knowing your options can ease the process. Let's dive into these housing choices designed specifically for the unique needs of traveling healthcare workers.

Finding Your Own Housing

If you're the type who enjoys the thrill of the hunt and values autonomy, securing your own accommodation could be a great fit. This approach allows you to tailor your living situation to your preferences. 

A significant advantage of this option is that your agency might offer you a more substantial housing stipend since they aren't directly providing lodging. This stipend can help offset the costs, and if you find a deal, you might even pocket some extra cash! Here are some options to choose from: 

  • Exploring House-sharing: In the digital age, house-sharing platforms like AirBnB and VRBO are taking center stage. Not only do these platforms offer homey comforts (hello, full kitchens!), but they also offer a unique lens into the city's authentic vibe. However, it's wise to skim through reviews and photos to find your perfect fit and even negotiate rates that sync up with your travel stipend.  Don’t be shy about sending the host a message to explain your situation - hosts often welcome guests planning extended stays!
  • RV Living: Rolling with an RV offers a blend of adventure and convenience. It's a home on wheels, letting you park near medical facilities or choose a scenic spot for relaxation after a long shift. If you are interested in learning more, check out one of our own doing just this

Agency-Provided Housing

Some travel healthcare agencies offer housing as part of their employment package. This option can be convenient, relieving you of the stress of securing your own lodging. However, there are trade-offs. Since the agency arranges the housing, you may have limited choices in terms of location, type of housing, or amenities. 

It's important to inquire about the specifics, such as the living conditions, utility coverages, and the proximity to your work location. Also keep in mind that if your agency is footing the bill for your accommodation, you may not receive a housing stipend in your pay package.

Extended-Stay Hotel Living

For those who appreciate the amenities and services hotels provide, but desire a more homely feel, extended-stay hotels strike a perfect balance. These establishments are equipped with kitchen facilities, allowing you to whip up your meals, and often come with regular housekeeping services to maintain cleanliness. 

Furthermore, extended-stay hotels provide the added perks of hotel living, like gym access, laundry facilities, and sometimes even complimentary breakfasts. This option might be ideal for professionals who work in stretches, allowing them to stay for their shifts and then return home in between assignments.

Partnering Up with Fellow Travelers

Bunking with fellow travel nurses or allied health professionals offers numerous benefits. Financially, sharing accommodation means dividing rent and utility bills, which can make high-demand areas more affordable. Socially, it's an opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges and joys of your profession. 

Together, you can explore the new city, share commuting tips, or simply relax after a demanding shift. Having a roommate in the same field can provide both companionship and professional camaraderie in an unfamiliar environment. 

Make sure you join the Trusted Community to find potential travel buddies and roommates! 

Considerations For Your Short Term Stay

As you set out on your next grand adventure, it's time to play a little game of stay-and-play Tetris. Where you hang your hat – er, scrubs – is crucial to feeling right at home, even if it's just temporary. From the duration of your stay and the neighborhood vibes to budget-friendly finds and the perfect floorplan, we've got the blueprint for your perfect stay.

How Long Are You Staying?

The time you'll be spending in a place really sets the stage for your housing decisions. Popping in for a short stint? You might lean into the ease of extended-stay hotels. If you're planting roots for a bit longer, a space that feels more like home, with a cozy corner to sip your morning coffee, might be up your alley.

Where's Home Base?

When you're figuring out where to drop your bags, it's not just about the four walls. Dive into a bit of neighborhood detective work! If late-night shifts are in your future, you'll want an area that's safe at all hours. And hey, who doesn't want a grocery store nearby for those impromptu ice cream runs?

Dollars and Cents

Let's chat budget. Whether you're splurging on a swanky pad or hunting for the best deals in town, your wallet's comfort is as important as your own. And remember, always sneak a peek at the hidden costs – like deposits and those sneaky cancellation fees.

What's in the Package?

In today's world, housing isn't just about a roof and a bed. Maybe you're eyeing that speedy Wi-Fi for late-night study sessions, or perhaps a gym to keep up with your fitness goals. And for our fur-parents out there, a pet-friendly spot is non-negotiable. So, what's on your amenity wishlist?

It's All About Space

Whether you're flying solo, bringing the fam, or thinking of a roommate setup, the size and vibe of the space are key. Dreaming of Sunday brunches? A spacious kitchen is a must. And having enough bathrooms? Well, that's just morning-routine harmony.

Flexing Your Lease

Traveling healthcare roles come with their own set of unpredictabilities. So, when you're sealing the deal on your new digs, a flexible lease can be your best friend. Whether it's a breezy month-to-month arrangement or a contract that doesn't freak out if things change, flexibility is gold.

How to Find Travel Nurse Housing 

Finding the right housing platform can be as crucial as the actual house hunt itself. Over the years, numerous sites have sprung up catering specifically to the unique needs of travel nurses and traveling allied health professionals. At Trusted, we prioritize platforms based on a variety of factors, including user-friendliness, breadth of listings, reliability of reviews, and the responsiveness of hosts or property managers. 

Here's our curated list of the best travel nurse housing sites that have consistently met or exceeded our standards, ensuring that our healthcare professionals find a comfortable home away from home.


  • Wear the crown of modern housing with Landing, the reigning champion of flexible, furnished, short-term abodes.
  • Unlock $300 off on stays spanning more than 90 days using Trusted's signature code: TrustedHealth300. The cherry on top? Use this code for all your subsequent bookings!
  • Tailored privileges for Trusted healthcare professionals include a devoted Landing account manager, a reduced 14-day termination notice, and waived fees.
  • From bustling metropolitans to serene outskirts, they're ever-expanding their territories, especially in travel nurse hotspots.

The Trusted Circle

  • Engaging with other travel nurses who have lived in a particular area to gain valuable information about different neighborhoods, commute times, local amenities, safety, and living costs
  • Find other travelers who might be looking for roommates in the same city to save on rent! 
  • Hear honest reviews or feedback about your peers experiences with certain landlords, property management companies, or even specific housing units, helping you make informed decisions! 

Furnished Finder

  • No need for furniture; every listing comes move-in ready.
  • Specially curated for short-term stays for traveling healthcare professionals.
  • Connect directly with homeowners for a seamless experience.

Travel Nurse Housing

  • Engage with a vibrant community on their website and Facebook group.
  • Real-time updates from property owners and fellow nurses.
  • A bustling digital marketplace where travel nurses are the priority.


  • Venture into platforms renowned for diverse and global accommodation options.
  • Both platforms offer a plethora of listings, from private rooms to entire homes, ideal for varying stay durations.
  • These sites are particularly beneficial for nurses eager to immerse themselves in local experiences. Regular user reviews provide valuable insights; it's recommended to review them to avoid potential scammers.

The Gypsy Nurse on Facebook:

  • Engage with a passionate online community that's tailor-made for traveling healthcare professionals.
  • Live discussions, shared experiences, and housing recommendations are the norm here.
  • As one of the most extensive and active Facebook groups for travel nurses, it's a treasure trove of shared knowledge, camaraderie, and invaluable housing leads.

Hotel Engine:

  • A secret gateway for Trusted Nurses, this exclusive platform unlocks doors to over 700,000 luxury yet affordably priced hotels globally.
  • A hassle-free booking journey awaits: no contracts, no fees, and absolutely no minimum stay hitches.
  • Double dip on savings by stacking HE Rewards with your favorite hotel loyalty programs. Craving assistance? Their 24/7 U.S.-based Member Support team is just a call away.
  • Check it out now: Set up your Hotel Engine account

Travelers Haven

  • Dive into a world tailored for traveling healthcare professionals.
  • Extensive listings and intuitive tools make housing hunts a breeze.
  • Experience the comfort of home wherever your travels take you.

Mapping Out Your Housing Journey as Travel Nurse or Allied Pro

As the adage goes, timing is everything, especially when hunting for the right housing as a traveling healthcare professional. Begin your search for your next assignment roughly six weeks before your current one wraps up, paving the way to dive into housing possibilities immediately afterward. 

By doing so, you're granting yourself a head start, ensuring you don't end up in a last-minute scramble. Even better? If you’re aware of your next destination a tad earlier, jump on the housing hunt sooner. A pro-tip to keep in mind: opt for month-to-month leases. This flexibility means that if there's an unexpected twist in your nursing contract, you're not left footing a bill for a place you no longer need. Smart planning is, after all, the best way to ensure a seamless transition from one assignment to the next.

Making Your Temporary Residence Feel Like Home

Even in short-term housing situations, it's important for traveling healthcare professionals to feel a sense of comfort and belonging. After all, it's not just a place to sleep; it's where you'll unwind after demanding shifts, celebrate personal milestones, or even combat occasional homesickness. Here's how to ensure your temporary residence feels a bit more like "home."

  • Personal Touches: Even if you’re only staying for a few months, adding personal touches can make a significant difference in how a place feels. Consider packing a few cherished items like:
  • Photos: Whether they’re of loved ones, pets, or memorable moments, photos can bring warmth to any space.
  • Comfort Items: This could be your favorite blanket, pillow, or even a cherished mug for your morning coffee.
  • Decor: Removable wall decals, curtains, or even a rug can add personality without damaging the property or violating your lease terms.
  • Organize Your Space: Even if you're living out of suitcases, organization can help your place feel less temporary. Using storage bins, shoe organizers, or even temporary shelving can ensure everything has a place, making daily routines smoother.
  • Get to Know the Area: Familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Locating the nearest grocery store, coffee shop, park, or gym can make your stay more convenient and enjoyable. Ask locals or colleagues for recommendations; you’d be surprised at the gems they might direct you to.
  • Connect with Neighbors: Introduce yourself to neighbors or others in your housing complex. Not only does this make for a friendlier environment, but they can also be invaluable resources for local tips and advice.
  • Safety First: Being in a new area, especially if you're unfamiliar with the surroundings, means it's crucial to be aware of safety. Check that all doors and windows lock properly, and consider getting a portable security system or door jammer for added peace of mind.
  • Embrace the Temporary: Remember, while it's nice to make your space feel homely, it's also temporary. This means you can experiment with different layouts, decor styles, or even lifestyles without a long-term commitment.

Wrapping Up Your Housing Hunt

Well, there you have it – a whirlwind tour of housing options for the always-on-the-move healthcare worker! From the charming intimacy of house shares to the reliable comfort of hotels, and from the nomadic joys of RV life to the unparalleled flexibility of month-to-month leases, the world of travel nurse housing is as diverse as it is exciting. 

Remember, finding the right spot to hang your stethoscope is all about planning, research, and a touch of adventure. Keep our tips in mind, lean into that wanderlust spirit, and you'll surely find a space that feels just right. Here's to new cities, new experiences, and, of course, that perfect home away from home. Safe travels and happy housing hunting!

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Travel Nurse + Allied Health Professional Housing Guide