Meet Your Clinical Success Partners

Oct 31, 2022
The Trusted Team

As fellow nurses, your Clinical Success Partners are here to be your support while you are on a Trusted assignment. Clinical Success Partners work with you to facilitate extensions, provide and receive important facility feedback, and help understand what’s best for you throughout your assignment – and beyond.

Donna T

PACU, ICU and Primary Care RN 

Education: SUNY Plattsburgh

Why Trusted? “I wanted to impact healthcare as a whole and on a bigger level”

Nursing Aversion: trach suctioning

Bucket List Idea: Travel to the Galapagos Islands

Favorite Karaoke Song: “It's Raining Men”

Fun Fact: I wrote a poem that was published in the 4th grade

Amanda E

Cardiac ICU/ PACU

Education: Clemson University..Go Tigers! 

Why Trusted? “I wanted to work for a company that enabled me to advocate for Nurses and create a change in healthcare's broken system.”

Favorite Bedside Procedure: Drawing labs from an ART line. So satisfying (when they actually work).

Bucket List Idea: Ride go-karts in the streets of Tokyo

Favorite Hobby: Acroyoga

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Carry Me Home” Blink 182

Katy M

Pediatric OR

Education: Bethel University

Why Trusted? “As a nurse, I often felt unheard and I wanted to have the opportunity to support and advocate for nurses!”

Bucket List Idea: Stay in those little huts over the water in Bora Bora!

Go-to Happy Hour Order: A glass of red wine :) 

Favorite Game: I love any card game!

Fun Fact: If I could be anything other than a nurse, I would be a florist!


Jenna P

Pediatric Emergency, L&D, and Postpartum

Education: Mills College

Why Trusted? I worked with lots of travelers and wanted to help them! I love that Trusted is nurse-first!

Nursing Aversion: vomit - zofran always came in clutch

Coolest Place Visited: Thailand

Favorite Karaoke Song: Journey's “Don't Stop Believing” always gets the crowd going :)

Favorite Meal: Burritos

Brittany W

Pediatric Emergency Department

Education: University of Georgia, Go Dawgs!

Why Trusted? I loved that Trusted values nurses so much that they hire nurses as NAs/CSPs to help advocate for travel nurses.

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Tuxedo Mocha 

Favorite Hobby: baking, cakes are my favorite!

Coolest Place Visited: Okinawa, Japan 

Favorite Game: I 80 yrs old?!

Shelby D

ER, Peds Cardiac ICU

Education: Clemson University, Go Tigers!

Why Trusted? Initially I was looking to become a traveler myself, but fell in love with the internal culture and mission of Trusted and wanted to be a part of it!

Nursing Aversion: the smell of nasty wounds. Still traumatized by a few from my ER days.

Bucket List: I'm a travel junky. My dream is to go to Fiji and stay in one of those overwater bungalows!!

Favorite Karaoke Song: Anything beyonce, current favorite is “All the Single Ladies”

Fun Fact: I go off in *some* metal detectors because I have broken both of my legs and have lots of screws, plates, etc.

Vanessa P

Pediatrics (Surgery and Transplant)

Education: Miami University! Go Redhawks!

Why Trusted? I wanted to be a part of a team that had a nurse first focus. As a nurse, I know how rare that is to find.

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew!

Nursing Aversion: Short Gut Syndrome poop...IYKYK

Bucket List Idea: Drive along the coast of California

Fun Fact: I used to work in advertising and realized quickly that was not the industry for me!

Hayley R

Pediatric PACU

Education: Binghamton University, Go Bearcats! Roberts Wesleyan College for my Master's

Why Trusted? I still wanted to work in leadership and have a connection with nurses so being a CSP seemed to be the right fit.

Bucket List: Travel the world

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Ice cold Diet Coke :)

Favorite Hobby: Anything where I get to spend time with my family.

Favorite Meal: Chicken French! 

Audrey I

Pediatric Critical Care 

Education: The University of Alabama

Why Trusted? I was looking for more flexibility in my life. I loved travel nursing, but I love the mountains and the outdoors more. I was tired of being tied to a city with a children's hospital- I prefer a small town and/or mobility.

Nursing Aversion: Poop for sure.

Favorite Bedside Procedure: Starting IV's, intubation (as a transport nurse)

Favorite Meal: Trout maki bowls made at home

Coolest Place Visited: Beartooth mountains

Cait H


Education: Quincy College

Why Trusted? I wanted to be able to use my nursing knowledge and experience in a new way while still being able to help other nurses.

Nursing Aversion: Phlegm, trachs- no thank you.

Bucket List Idea: Spend a year living throughout Europe

Favorite Hobby: weightlifting

Coolest Place Visited: Thailand