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Code Brown

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because 2020 hasn't been sh*tty enough

The card game for naughty nurses

Brought to you by Trusted Health

Blue text that reads: Florence Chillingale
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What is Code Brown?

Code Brown

/kōd/ /broun/
a facetious term for an incontinence-related emergency.
green text reading: "aka, someone sh*t their pants"

About Code Brown

Code Brown is the first card game specifically designed for nurses.  Played in groups of 3 or more, players take turns matching a question card to a selection of answer cards in an attempt to create the most ridiculous nursing statements possible.

No one does dark humor better than a nurse, so we tapped the most creative, filthy and inappropriate minds in the industry to help us create a game worthy of your twisted minds. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Code Brown Cards