The DAISY Award

Trusted Health has teamed up with the DAISY Foundation to recognize extraordinary nurses everywhere.
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The History of DAISY

The DAISY Award is a prestigious award celebrating a select number of the most passionate and caring nurses around the world. It was originally created in 1999 to commemorate J. Patrick Barnes, who was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease, ITP.

His parents created the DAISY Foundation to recognize the amazing nurses who provided extraordinary and compassionate care to their son.

Why Trusted?

At Trusted, we believe in celebrating the awesome nurses we have working with us, so it was a no-brainer to partner up with DAISY to present them such a highly respected award.

Our nurses should be recognized for the amazing work they do every day, so what better way than offering the truest honor in nursing.

Nominating a


In order to nominate someone for Trusted's DAISY Award, your nominee should meet the following criteria:

  • Worked with Trusted in the past 12 months
  • Demonstrated exemplary knowledge and insight on nursing procedures and patient care
  • Built authentic relationships with patients and patients' families
  • Demonstrated a passion for being a nurse and taking care of their patients
  • Acted as a leader and role model to other nurses

What Makes a Nominee

Trusted DAISY recipients are those nurses that are modern, driven, passionate, innovative, and conscientious.

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Anyone can nominate a Trusted Nurse

Nominate Your Trusted Nurse!