Florida Nurse License Overview

Temp License:
BON website
(850) 488-0595


Endorsement Application: SSL- $110.00, MSL Upgrade- $100.00

Fees are the same for RN and LPN licenses.

How long does it take to get a Florida Nursing License?

Permanent License

Approximately 30 days upon receipt of all required materials. Click here for an estimate of current processing times.

FL License Renewal

  • Go to www.flhealthsource.gov and click the “Renew A License” button.
  • Renewal fee: $75 if renewed on time. Late renewals will incur an additional fee of $55.
  • RN Renewal cadence: Every 2 years, in 3 groups (April 30 of even years, July 31 of even years, and April 30 of odd years). Check your license for your exact expiration date and group.
  • LPN Renewal cadence: Every 2 years. LPN licenses are renewed by the department; current licenses will expire at midnight on July 31, 2025.
  • Required contact hours: Nurses must complete 2 of the following methods:
    - 2 hours of Human Trafficking education.
    - 2 hours of prevention of medical errors.
    - 2 hours of Florida laws and rules.
    - 2 hours recognizing impairment in the workplace.
    - 2 hours of domestic violence education.
    - 1 hour HIV/AIDS education.

Important Things to Know about Florida Nurse Licenses

  • Here are the Florida Board of Nursing’s top 10 tips for endorsement applications. 
  • Here is the Florida Board of Nursing’s FAQ section. 
  • When all requirements are met, the license will be issued. Timing can be done under 30 days, but is dependent upon how proactive the applicant is in completing requirements. 
  • Employment Verification is not needed for applicants who took the NCLEX or have an active license.
  • Click here for information on how to upgrade your current Florida nursing license to a MSL, or multi-state license. To do this, you must hold a clear, active Florida RN or LPN license. You must also declare Florida as your primary state of residency. 

FL Licensure by Endorsement


Permanent License

  1. Submit an application online and pay the fee. The process is the same for RNs and LPNs. 
  2. Provide a background check with fingerprints. You will need to schedule an electronic fingerprint appointment with a Livescan service provider. Take this Nursing Electronic FIngerprint Form with you to the Livescan provider. 
  3. Request verification of licensure via Nursys from your original state of licensure and the state where you are currently employed. If these states do not participate in Nursys, you will need to contact that state's BON and request verification be sent to the Florida BON.
  4. Once all materials are submitted, an application specialist will review your application. It may be necessary for the application specialist to request additional information.
  5. Click here for more information for applicants with a criminal, disciplinary, or health history. 
  6. Foreign education must be evaluated by an independent credentials review agency. Foreign education not completed in English will require an English Competency exam.
  7. When all requirements are met, the license will be issued.

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