Kansas Nurse License Overview

Temp License:
BON website
(785) 296-4929


Endorsement Application: RN SSL: $100.00, RN MSL: $125.00

LPN SSL: $75.00, LPN MSL:  $125.99

Fingerprint Processing Fee: $48.00 

Temporary permit: No extra charge

How long does it take to get a Kansas Nursing License?

Permanent License

The board does not comment on a timeframe for permanent licensure. 2-4 weeks is the reported typical timeframe.

Temporary License

The board does not comment on a timeframe for temporary licensure. 2-4 weeks is the reported typical timeframe.

KS License Renewal

  • Renewal cadence: Renewal of your license occurs every 2 years during your birth month. Your Kansas nursing license expires on the last day of the month you were born, in odd or even years based upon which you were born, and is the same for RNs and LPNs.
  • If you receive your initial credential in the months leading up to your renewal window, you are still required to renew your license and begin the 2-year renewal cycle.
  • Renewal fee: $85.00
  • Required contact hours: 30 hours of continuing education per renewal period are required If it has been over 30 months since passing the NCLEX or if you were licensed by endorsement/reinstatement and it is more than 9 months prior to the license expiration date.
  • You can renew your license within 90 days or less from your expiration date.
  • If your license expires, you must reinstate it. You are unable to renew inactive licenses. 

Important Things to Know about Kansas Nurse Licenses

  • You can check on the status of your application in the state portal.
  • If you want to upgrade your SSL to a MSL, you will need to submit a new set of fingerprints. See more MSL information here
  • Click here for the Kansas Board of Nursing’s FAQs. 
  • Your application will expire in 6 months if it is incomplete, and the application process will need to begin from the start. 
  • After submitting your application, in order to prevent accidental duplication, please allow 7-10 business days to pass before logging in to check the status. 
  • Checking your application status can be done by logging into your portal page and clicking “View Checklist” above your pending application.

KS Licensure by Endorsement


Permanent License

  1. Submit an application online and pay the fee. The process is the same for RNs and LPNs. If you want to complete a paper application and mail it to the Kansas BON, that form is here
  2. Request official transcripts from an approved nursing education program to be sent to the Kansas BON.
  3. Request verification of licensure via Nursys from your original state of licensure. If this state does not participate in Nursys, you will need to contact that state's BON and request verification be sent to the Kansas BON.
  4. Provide a background check with fingerprints. The Kansas BON accepts fingerprints from any agency authorized to do so. Once the fingerprint card and waivers are completed, attach a check or money order for $48.00, made payable to the Kansas Board of Nursing and mailed to the Kansas BON. Payment must be made via check or money order. 

Temporary License

  1. If you wish to be issued a provisional license, please indicate this on your application.
  2. Temporary permits are valid for 120 days.
  3. You may be issued a temporary license when requested on the application with the appropriate fee, unless you have disqualifying factors. The granting of Temporary Permits is discretionary but the BON.

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