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Dosimetrist Travel Jobs are available in several areas of the United States, primarily in hospitals but also in clinics and physician offices. Dosimetrists collaborate with Radiation Oncologists to help determine optimal delivery of radiation therapy and brachytherapy. A typical job description for a Dosimetrist includes their work in creating a treatment plan that delivers needed therapy while protecting healthy tissues and organs as much as possible. Dosimetrists perform dose calculations and help plan and implement devices used to adjust treatment delivery. Find your dream travel Dosimetrist job today.

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Travel Dosimetrist Job Responsibilities & Salary

Dosimetrists play an important role in achieving optimal treatment of patients with cancer. Job responsibilities usually include collaborating with Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists, and Radiation Therapy Technologists. Dosimetrists also are involved in simulations and tumor localization efforts, which help determine the best treatment plan. The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists offers certification. The average annual salary for Dosimetrists in the United States is more than $125,000.