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Travel Histotechnician Jobs in Pennsylvania

Travel jobs for Histotechnicians are available in many areas of the United States, primarily in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and diagnostic laboratories. Job descriptions for Histotechnicians (also referred to as Histology Technicians) focus on preparing tissue samples to be examined microscopically by pathologists. This preparation is crucial for obtaining accurate results that healthcare providers can use to prevent, diagnose, and manage disease in patients. Explore opportunities to find your perfect travel Histotechnician job today.

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Travel Histotechnician Job Responsibilities & Salary

Job responsibilities for Histotechnicians encompass the use of various techniques to prepare tissue samples for examination by a pathologist under a microscope. Preparation includes obtaining a slice of tissue, fixing it on a slide, and staining the sample as indicated to better detect abnormalities. Histotechnicians, who work closely with pathologists, may specialize in certain areas such as organ biopsies. Histotechnicians can earn certification in their field through the American Society for Clinical Pathology. The average annual salary for Histotechnicians in the United States is nearly $60,000.