Sterile Processing Technician (SPD)
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Sterile Processing Technician (SPD)

Travel Sterile Processing Technician Jobs

The number of surgery cases is increasing, making Sterile Processing Technicians (also called Sterile Processing Techs, Central Sterile Techs, Instrument Techs, SPD, or Central Processing Techs) in demand across the United States. Travel jobs for Sterile Processing Technicians are widely available in both hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers based in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Job descriptions for Sterile Processing Technicians usually include cleaning, inspecting, testing, sterilizing, and wrapping surgical instruments and devices. These tasks are essential to ensure proper function and reduce the risk of infection in surgical patients. Explore Travel Sterile Processing Technician Jobs today.

Travel Sterile Processing Technician Job Responsibilities & Salary

Sterile Processing Technicians are an integral part of the surgical team. Technicians work in the sterile processing department (also called central sterile processing), where their job responsibilities typically include cleaning and sterilizing surgical instruments and devices and checking to ensure they function properly. Several certifications for Sterile Processing Technicians are available through the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA), such as Certified Instrument Specialist and Certified Registered Central Service Technician. The average annual salary for Sterile Processing Technicians in the United States is about $42,000.