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Telemetry Technician

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Increasing healthcare demands and nursing staff shortages have translated into increased demand for Telemetry Technicians (also referred to as Telemetry Techs, Electrocardiograph Technicians, ECG Techs, EKG Techs, and Monitor Techs). Travel jobs for Telemetry Technicians are available in many hospitals across the United States. Job descriptions for Telemetry Technicians focus on their key role: monitoring patients’ electrocardiograms (ECGs) for abnormalities and promptly notifying the nurse when they occur. Their actions often save patients’ lives. Find your dream travel Telemetry Technician job today.

Travel Telemetry Technician Job Responsibilities & Salary

Telemetry Technicians have a vital role in the prompt recognition of cardiac abnormalities that can lead to patient harm and even death. Job responsibilities include monitoring the cardiac rhythm of acutely and critically ill patients in the ICU or on step-down units and communicating closely with nurses to ensure any abnormalities are promptly addressed. Telemetry Technicians can earn certification through the National Telemetry Association. The average annual salary for Telemetry Technicians and Monitoring Technicians in the United States is more than $50,000.