Licensure By Endorsement




Temp License:

The Process


  1. Make sure you meet all requirements.  You need to have an active LPN license in another state or complete an approved refresher course.
  2. Complete your verification of your initial license in the United States sent to Washington state.
  3. Get your forms signed and ready to upload
  4. Complete an online application
  5. Pay application fee online
  6. Attach required forms and documents. Any “yes” responses to personal data questions must have supporting documents, such as court documents and written statements.
  7. Submit your application.

Renewal License

  • Renewal cadence: Annually by licensee's birthday
  • Renewal fee: $90 if renewed on time. Late renewals will incur an additional fee and will cost $140.
  • Required contact hours: 96 hours every year and 8 continuing education hours
  • Renewal can be completed online through the SecureAccess Washington portal.

PDF instructions


Once your application is complete (with all documents and fees) it should take about 7 business days for it to process. A temporary practice permit may be issued while the FBI Background Check is pending.


Endorsement Application:


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Important things to Know About Applying For Licensure for Endorsement

  • If you do not have a valid United States Social Security Number, you must read, complete and return this form with your application.  
  • To prevent delays, you should complete the Nursys verification before sending your application. 
  • If the Board of Nursing does not receive all required documentation within 30 days your application may be closed as incomplete resulting in you having to reapply and pay the application fee again.
  • Once you receive your nursing license, you must complete two surveys the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (Nursing Commission) requires for licensing.

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