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Travel LPN/LVN Jobs in Texas

As a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse, your training and education make you a qualified candidate for travel nurse jobs around the country. Trusted empowers you to search our nationwide network to save, apply for, and secure desirable LPN positions and LVN job matches — without relying on a travel nursing agency. With our personalized search tools, the highest-paying travel nursing assignments are easy to find. Find your match without sacrificing flexibility, benefits, and your dream location.

Travel LPN/LVN Job Salary & Responsibilities

Your salary is based on your specialty, experience, and where you secure your assignment as a Licensed Vocational Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. LPN and LVN job descriptions focus on technical knowledge and skills; attention to detail; and communication with patients, families, and healthcare professionals in critical situations. But, your responsibilities also require a combination of compassion, patience, and resilience.


This isn’t news to you. You came to Trusted because you’ve tried LPN/LVN staffing agencies without the personal support you need. This doesn’t surprise us, either. We’re a team of Trusted nurses who’ve been in your shoes (those comfy, non-slip shoes). We’ll help advance your career on your terms.