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Hospice & Palliative Care Travel Nurse Jobs

Palliative Care nurses (also sometimes called Hospice nurses) provide end-of-life care to patients of all ages with life-limiting illnesses. With a Palliative nurse job, nurses can focus on caring for the whole person to reduce patients’ physical pain and emotional suffering, improving their quality of life. Palliative travel nurse jobs are available in hospitals, hospice facilities, nursing homes, and patients’ homes. Explore our Palliative Care travel nurse jobs around the country, with opportunities for RNs and Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, and secure your next assignment.

Hospice & Palliative Care Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Palliative Care nurse job responsibilities include helping patients manage their symptoms and pain, educating and supporting patients and families, and communicating with patients’ families and their healthcare teams to coordinate the best care. Their specialized training and experience enables them to provide physical and emotional comfort to patients during the final stages of life. As a result, Palliative Care nurses often establish deep and meaningful connections with patients and families, making this a challenging and rewarding career. The average Palliative nurse salary in the United States is $76,500, with the most experienced RNs earning the highest annual pay.