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Pre-Operative (Pre-Op) Travel Nurse Jobs

Pre-Operative, or Pre-Op, nurses work in hospitals or surgery centers and care for patients before surgery. They often work within the pre-op holding unit. Duties for these nurses include preparing the patient for surgery by inserting IVs, drawing lab work, and reviewing the patient's chart for allergies and relevant  medical history. Pre-Op nurses work with doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other members of the wider healthcare team. Interested in pursuing a career in this specialty? Explore our Pre-Op travel nurse jobs and land a high paying role today.

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Pre-Operative Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Pre-Op nurse responsibilities include educating the patient about their surgery, providing emotional support, and providing pre-operative treatments. Registered Nurses may provide treatments that include administering antibiotics and IV fluids and applying pneumatic compression sleeves. The nurse will also obtain vital signs and may accompany the patient into the operating room. Pre-Operative nurses are in demand. The average annual salary in the United States for a Pre-Operative nurse is $76,300. This amount can vary depending on licensure, experience, and location.