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Nurse Educators provide Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, student nurses, and other healthcare workers with the information they need to help patients achieve optimal outcomes. Nurse Educators work in academic settings, such as schools of nursing, or clinical settings, such as hospitals or home care agencies. (Those in clinical settings may also be referred to as Clinical Nurse Educators or Nurse Professional Development Practitioners.) The Nurse Educator job description typically includes the ability to assess learners’ needs and competencies and to teach through a variety of methods. Staffing challenges, including turnover and the need for cross-training, are fueling Nurse Educator travel nurse job opportunities. Apply now to land your dream job.

Nurse Educator Travel Jobs

Nurse Educator Job Responsibilities and Salary

Nurse Educators are tasked with ensuring nurses, students, and healthcare employees are prepared to care for patients or support those caring for patients. Job responsibilities include using methods such as the classroom, webinars, and self-study modules to deliver information as part of basic education preparation, orientation/onboarding of new employees, or providing continuing education. Nurse Educators also must be skilled in assessing learning needs and employee competencies. The average annual salary for Nurse Educators in the United States is more than $80,000.