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Apheresis Travel Nurse Jobs

As the demand for therapeutic apheresis (which includes blood component exchanges and autologous collections) has grown, so has the demand for Apheresis Travel Nurses. Apheresis Nurses may deliver therapeutic apheresis and/or help collect blood and blood components from donors. Apheresis Nurse Jobs may be in clinics or hospitals. As indicated by most job descriptions, Apheresis Nurses need to have expertise in obtaining venous access and infusing blood components, along with the ability to provide education. Find your perfect travel nurse job today. 

Apheresis Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Apheresis Nurses help provide care for patients donating blood components or undergoing therapeutic procedures such as red blood cell or plasma exchange, platelets or white blood cell depletion, stem cell collection, and LDL apheresis. Duties and responsibilities for Apheresis Nurses include taking donor histories, obtaining vascular access, operating a machine to withdraw blood, observing patients for adverse effects, and educating donors, patients, and families. The average annual salary for Apheresis Nurses in the United States is more than $73,000.