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Pediatrics (Peds) Travel Nurse Jobs

Pediatric nurses (also called Peds RNs) work in multiple settings with various levels of acuity. The pediatric population includes babies as well as adolescents. Registered nurses who specialize in caring for this population should understand the various developmental stages of children and adolescents. These nurses should also involve family members when performing treatments (when possible). The pediatric nurse will administer medications and treatments, and educate family members. If you're a registered nurse and enjoy caring for young patients, pediatrics may be for you. Explore our pediatric travel nurse jobs below.

Pediatrics Travel Nurse Jobs

Pediatrics Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Pediatric nurses must be friendly, possess critical thinking skills, and be able to communicate and demonstrate a caring attitude toward young patients and their families. The salary for a pediatric nurse will depend on the size and type of healthcare facility as well as its location. The average salary in the United States for a pediatric registered nurse ranges from $64,000 - $100,000. Higher salaries depend on location, education, and certifications. Pediatric travel nurses are in demand.