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Case Management Travel Nurse Jobs

Coordination of care across settings continues to be a crucial need in healthcare, which means Case Management Nurses are in demand by many organizations. Case Management Travel Nurse job descriptions note the need to collaborate with a network of providers and organizations to ensure smooth transitions of care. Case Management Nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, solo or group medical practices, outpatient medical facilities such as oncology clinics, insurance companies, and rehabilitation facilities. Explore Case Management nurse job opportunities below. 

Case Management Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Case Management Nurses work with patients, families, other healthcare providers and organizations to ensure coordination in care delivery, especially during transitions of care. They also help ensure proper utilization of resources. Case Management Nurses may be employed by hospitals, but many work in community-based settings or for insurance companies. Job responsibilities include delivering education, developing a plan of care, identifying needed resources for patients and families, and collaborating with social workers and other healthcare providers. The average annual salary for Case Management Nurses in the United States is more than $67,000.