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Coronary Care (CICU/CVICU)

Coronary Care (CICU/CVICU) Travel Nurse Jobs

Despite medical advances, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States, so it is not surprising that Coronary Care Travel Nurse Jobs are widely available for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses. Jobs are based in practice settings that range from hospitals to clinics. Hospital opportunities include cardiac/cardiovascular intensive care units (CICU or CVICU), cardiac medical-surgical units, and cardiac catheterization labs. Depending on the setting, the Coronary Care Nurse job description includes the need for strong assessment skills, providing patient education to support healthy lifestyle habits, and the ability to deliver care in a fast-paced environment. Find a high-paying Coronary Care Nurse job today. 

Coronary Care (CICU/CVICU) Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Coronary Care Nurses care for patients with cardiovascular conditions in many settings, ranging from an intensive care unit (ICU) to an outpatient clinic specializing in helping patients with chronic heart failure. This specialty provides the opportunity for nurses to call on varying skills at different times in their careers. Coronary Care Nurse job responsibilities include applying the nursing process, delivering hands-on care, and educating patients about cardiac disease risk factors. The average annual salary for Cardiovascular Nurses in the United States is more than $74,000; however, salaries vary significantly according to specialty.