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Vascular Access

Vascular Access Travel Nurse Jobs

Vascular Access nurses are the IV experts. The Vascular Access team inserts vascular access devices such as PICCs (peripherally inserted central catheters) and IV lines. Vascular Access nurses work in hospitals and clinics, or are mobile and travel to rehabs or facilities. Vascular Access nurses must be detail-oriented, good communicators, and serve as a resource for clinical questions. Interested in becoming a Vascular Access nurse? Explore our travel nurse jobs and land a high-paying Vascular Access nurse job today.

Vascular Access Travel Nurse Job Responsibilities and Salary

Vascular Access nurse job responsibilities include assessing patients to determine the type of vascular access needed, reviewing medications, and troubleshooting and managing existing vascular access, such as dressing changes of PICCs. Vascular Access nurses undergo additional training for PICC line insertion that uses ultrasound equipment. Nurses must perform a minimum of 25 supervised insertions before applying for basic PICC certification. Vascular Access nurses are Registered Nurses and many obtain certification in the Vascular Access specialty. The annual salary in the United States for Vascular Access nurses is around $94,000.